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Notrax 520 Cushion-Lok Anti-Fatigue Mat

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Notrax 520 Cushion-Lok Anti-Fatigue MatNotrax Cushion-Lok safety mats are rated at a better quality level

The Notrax 520 Cushion-Lok Anti-Fatigue Mat is a thick, durable PVC mat designed to provide sure footing and anti-fatigue relief in wet environments. The Notrax Cushion-Lok mat features hundreds of portholes to facilitate drainage. Blades elevate the bottom to keep worker's feet away from liquids and provides for increased flexibility for worker comfort. The Notrax 520 features a textured surface for slip prevention. The Notrax 520HD Cushion-Lok Anti-Fatigue Mat is also available and offers additional crush resistance.

The Notrax 520 Cushion-Lok Safety Mat is a good choice for industrial environments where chemical resistance, drainage and worker comfort are important.

Notrax 520 Cushion-Lok Anti-Fatigue Mat details and specifications.

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Notrax 520 Cushion Lock mat in use

Notrax 520 offers anti-fatigue properties
Notrax 520 Cushion Tred has a non-slip surface
Notrax Cushion Lok 520 has holes for drainage

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Notrax 520 Cushion-Lok Mat Features

  • 7/8" thick, PVC based mat is extremely durable
  • Portholes for excellent drainage
  • Elevated bottom keeps workers' feet dry
  • Chemical resistant
  • Six-inch wide beveled ramps are permanently affixed on three sides
  • All black tiles and ramps are crafted of 100% recycled materials
  • Available in all black or black with yellow borders

Alternate Part Numbers for the Notrax 520 Cushion-Lok Anti-Fatigue Mat

Notrax part numbers: 520S1212BL 520S3036BL 520S3036BY 520S3048BL 520S3048BY 520S3060BL 520S3060BY 520S3072BL 520S3072BY 520S3096BL 520S3096BY 520S4210BL 520S4210BY 520S4272BL 520S4272BY 520S4296BL 520S4296BY 520F0612BL 520F0612YL 520K0066BL 520K0066YL 520M0612BL 520M0612YL