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TrackClip Pro (for TrackIR 4 and TrackIR 5)

item#: NAT401

The TrackClip Pro is the perfect accessory for your TrackIR 5. After it easily attaches to Creative Lab's or other popular over-the-ear headsets, the TrackClip Pro allows for six degrees of precise tracking, view control and freedom of movement with TrackIR 5. Additionally, the lightweight TrackClip Pro is almost imperceptible while worn.

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TrackIR 5 - Virtual Reality Head Mouse
List Price: $149.95
Our Price: $144.95
SmartNav 4 AT Hands Free Mouse
List Price: $499.00
Our Price: $474.05
Extra Reflective Dots
List Price: $12.00
Our Price: $10.00

The TrackClip Pro from Natural Point is a lightweight accessory that attaches to your headset and uses active LEDs for precision tracking and enhanced movement. Both the TrackIR 4 and TrackIR 5 come standard with reflective dots that provide an adequate amount of movement and feedback, but the TrackClip Pro offers better tracking and interaction. The ultra lightweight design features a USB power tap with a USB pass through and two position headset clip that fits over-the-ear style headsets, improving your game without any unnecessary distractions.

Features - TrackClip Pro

  • Precise tracking with active LEDs
  • Easy recharging with USB power tap
  • Ultra lightweight design
  • Clip fits headset bands up to 1 1/4'' wide and 1/2'' thick
  • Requires TrackIR 4 or TrackIR 5 series hardware

Track Clip Pro on headset

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TrackIR 5 - Virtual Reality Head Mouse
Original Price: $149.95
Our Price: $144.95
Please contact us for pricing and availability
Extra Reflective Dots
Original Price: $12.00
Our Price: $10.00
Please contact us for pricing and availability
SmartNav 4 EG  Hands Free Mouse
Original Price: $399.00
Our Price: $379.05
Please contact us for pricing and availability
SmartNav 4 AT Hands Free Mouse
Original Price: $499.00
Our Price: $474.05
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Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4: Right Hand Wired Mouse VM4R
Original Price: $99.95
Our Price: $87.95
UPLIFT 10-Port 2.0 USB Hub
Original Price: $27.00
Our Price: $20.00
UPLIFT 4-Port 3.0 USB Hub
Original Price: $25.00
Our Price: $19.81
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Customer Reviews

TrackClip Pro (for TrackIR 4 and TrackIR 5)
4 Stars based on 4 Review(s)
3 Stars

Trackclip Pro
October 2, 2013
The device works very well.Much better than the hatclip. As was stated in other reviews, this device is very delicate and broke within two weeks of use.I contacted Naturalppoint who makes the Trackclip and they said that they were aware of the problem and that it had been corrected. They said I must have received an older model from The Human Solution. I ordered another one from Naturalpoint but it is exactly the same. We'll see how long this one lasts.

Jack Sullivan
3 Stars

TrackClip Pro
February 23, 2012
The item is VERY delicate; I broke my first one just trying to adjust the LED boom. I'm much more careful with the replacement unit. I've been using it for several weeks in conjunction with the hat clip that came with the original TrackIR. I find the Pro too sensitive for normal low-and-slow aircraft like a Cub or Beaver but works much better on high-performance planes where you need to keep your head outside the cockpit and on a swivel. Hopefully, practice will make perfect. Stay tuned.

Jim H
5 Stars

The TrackIR is a MUST for gaming!
June 3, 2011
This is my 4th Trackclip Pro. I love flight simulators, especially WWI/WWII era prop aircraft. Jets are just too busy and everything is so fast. It was always a challenge in an aerial dogfight to fly, fire, and try to keep track of who is around you all with a single joystick, no matter how refined it is.. Sometimes a wrong thumb twitch on a hatswitch trying to change a view changes flight direction instead and it's game over. With the TrackIR I can scan the sky to look for foes, watch my enemies in combat, especially when there are more than one, I can watch the terrain below searching for targets and it has nothing to do with my joystick which is now free to control my craft. My head, not my joystick, controls my field of vision. It is wonderfully realistic and positively uncanny if the game allows the 3D support where you can get close to the instrument panel or gun sights. You can focus in on a single instrument or move back as see the entire panel. I also play various kinds of automotive sims. There again, being able to move my field of vision by moving my head and seeing exactly what I'd see inside and around the vehicle is awesome! Be it casual driving and sight-seeing or racing and watching my opponents all around and behind me when I'm racing, is liberating! Just not having to drive with either the fixed forward view or like in the aircraft, fussing with a hatswitch or button array on my controller to change my view changes the whole character of the game. I said this was my 4th unit. I was an early adopter of this device and the first unit wore out at the clip and wouldn't stay snapped shut. One of my cats chewed up the ends of the sensor arms on the second. I have no idea why. The replacement for it was damaged when some stuff got crammed in a desk drawer it was in. It broke the C shaped arm it rotates in the small arm that suspends it. I was not repairable because the plastic it's made from is not glueable. If I one main criticisms of this device it's that I hate wearing headphones for very long. I wish they would create some sort of head clip that the TrackClip could attach to that would be comfortable and wouldn't look silly when i wore it. The other down side of needing headphones is I have a high powered surround sound audio system on my PC that I paid a lot for. It sounds awesome! Explosions feel like a punch in the chest. Gunshots truly ring out with a sharp crack. Revving engines can shake the walls and crackle as lous as the real thing. With the surround sound setup I can spatially locate sounds in three dimensional space. Headphones just can't do that for me. I so wish I could use the Trackclip and my sound system together whan i game. What a wonderful world that would be to have real vision as if I was truly in the game and real sound I can feel and mimics the real worls aural sensation! While this device isn't delicate, it is fragile. Care must be taken with it. I leave mine plugged in all the time so it is out. To keep from laying the headphones down and risk damaging the TrackClip, I bought a weighted wig head that wears the headphones when I'm not using them. I also found a hard plastic case that will hold the TrackIR and protect it from cats and other damage. I cut a round opening on the edgee between the lid and box to clear the cable and allow the lid to snap shut. I wish I would have thought of that much sooner because it would have saved at least 2 of the ones I replaced.

5 Stars

Track Clip Pro Accessory
December 21, 2009
The track clip pro accessory is a pretty simple gadget and it definitely makes a difference. The unit doesn't weigh anything and attaches really well to my headset, but you have to be somewhat careful with it because it is delicate- you can't just chunk your headset down on your desk during a break or when you're done playing a game. My buddy popped the wiring out on his right after he got it. He was moving it around and adjusted it too far, but he was able to put it back together without a problem. Other reviews on the Natural Point forum said the same thing. I suggest pulling it out of the packaging carefully and avoid messing with it too much. I thought the dots worked okay with my TrackIR 4 but went ahead and got the clip pro with my new TrackIR 5 and like it a lot better. I noticed an immediate improvement playing with the higher resolution and enhanced LED tracking on HAWX. I ordered this on a Tuesday afternoon and had it the next day btw.

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