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Alternatives to the Hag Capisco Chair

The Hag Capisco Chair's design encourages movement. This chair is made with movement in mind, and you can sit in a variety of positions while working. We offer a range of chairs that also encourage motion and activity. The UPLIFT Motion Stool is designed to allow you to perch and move easily, while keeping your core muscles engaged. The Steelcase Gesture chair is a task chair that is specifically designed to accommodate the workday's variety of "gestures" and positions. The Varier Move stool is made to help you stay focused by giving you the freedom to bounce, lean, and tilt while staying fully supported by the stool's soft saddle seat. Check out the rest of these great chairs that feature movement-promoting adjustable features to keep you active as you move throughout your work day.

Our company is founded by a Certified Professional Ergonomist and our goal is to help you find the right chair for you. We don't offer the Hag Capisco Chair, but we do have a selection of great alternatives and a staff willing to help you narrow down your options.

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