Keyboard Facts: Dvorak Vs. QWERTY, and Modern Keyboard Art

Keyboard Facts: Dvorak Vs. QWERTY, and Modern Keyboard Art

Posted by Human Solution on Jul 11th 2011

We’re all data heads here. We love, love, lurve to study the latest facts about workspace trends and innovations, and we do it all to benefit you – that’s right, you! We’re here to help you find the best ergonomic products for your workspace.

Sometimes we stumble across some really cool stuff on our data hunts, and we like to share those finds with you. Our latest discovery is the great video below, which tracks the creation of artist Mike Knuepfel’s cool and informative ‘Keyboard Frequency Sculpture.’ Knuepfel’s 3D sculpture gives us a dramatic look at which keyboard keys are most commonly used by people like me, you and everyone we know. Check it out:

Keyboard Frequency Sculpture from Michael Knuepfel on Vimeo.

The most commonly used keyboard keys are “E,” “T,” “A,” “O,” and “I, ” according to Knuepfel’s sculpture and research. It’s valuable info like this that led engineers to redesign the standard keyboard layout to better suit our daily needs. Thanks to a few obsessive engineers, we now have what’s commonly known as the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard layout, a keyboard layout designed to increase typing rates, improve typing accuracy, and increase comfort as you type when compared to the traditional keyboard layout, dubbed the QWERTY keyboard. For many users, the Dvorak layout offers a more natural and efficient typing solution that’s purported to reduce the strain of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Wanna try out a Dvorak keyboard? Not sure if it’s right for you? No problem. We’ve got ya covered. We offer theKinesis Advantage Contoured Keyboard line – these keyboards offer a DVORAK legend printed on the key caps in addition to the regular QWERTY layout, so you can switch between both layouts. This ergonomic keyboard is also designed to be more comfortable than a traditional keyboard, with a unique shape that helps reduce stress and discomfort on your fingers.

The Kinesis is available for a Mac or PC, and we also offer the Kinesis Advantage Pro Contoured USB Keyboard, which automatically switches between PC and Mac operating systems.

Have questions about out many keyboard solutions, or about any of the other ergonomic products we offer. Give us a call, 800-531-3749, or email us,, and we’ll do our best to answer your questions.

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