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Promote better posture and increase productivity with the simple addition of the Knoll Generation Chair to your office.

The Generation Chair by Knoll is a dynamic desk chair that can make all of the difference at work, starting with its revolutionary high performance Flex back, which reinforces the body and back in any position. It's tried-and-true lumbar support that you can count on everyday. This flexible and progressive ergonomic chair uses a breathable elastic material to make up its unique back, and maintains proper airflow as it flexes with you throughout your range of motion.

The Knoll Generation Chair's durable back material does not crumble or sag over time, giving you a reliable chair that ideally supports your shoulders, lumbar area, and spine for better working comfort.


  • High performance elastomer in flexnet back and dynamic suspension control are user-friendly
  • Height-adjustable arms provide lumbar support when sitting sideways
  • Flex back top and figure 8 structure allow multidimensional movement
  • Construction consists of fewer parts and processes than comparable chairs


Height range 39.25" - 44.5"
Glides reduce height by 0.25"
Width 21" armless
28.5" with arms
Depth 26" excluding base
Arm height range 22.75" - 32.5"
Base diameter 26.75"
Weight limit 300 lbs
Weight 37 lbs (Plastic base, high perf. Arms)
39 lbs (Aluminum base, high perf. arms)
Warranty 12 years


The Knoll Generation Chair is available armless or with three optional types of armrests:

Fixed-height arm Arms and arm pads are non-adjustable
Height adjustable arm Arms adjust over a 4.5" height range. Arm pads are non-adjustable
High performance arm Arms adjust 4.5" as well as pivot 45°, move 1" in width and 1.5" in depth

Base Color

Select either a plastic base to match the frame color or a polished aluminum base.

Knoll Generation Base Color

Seat Height

Cylinders are available in three heights. Seat height ranges are listed below:

  Thin Seat Foam Ultra Seat Foam
Standard 16.5'' - 21.75'' H 17.25'' - 22.5'' H
Low 15'' - 19.5'' H 15.75'' - 20.25'' H
High 17.75'' - 23.25'' H 18.5'' - 24'' H


This padded lumbar support moves up and down within a 2.5" range to accommodate a variety of users.

Knoll Generation Lumbar Support


There are three caster options:

  • Hard casters for use on soft floor surfaces
  • Soft casters for use on hard flooring
  • Glides (reduce chair height by 0.25'')

Frame Color

Dark and light frame finishes are available.

Knoll Generation Frame Color

Back Color

The back of the Knoll Generation Chair is made of a high performance elastomer. This durable back provides dynamic support that responds to users' movements.


Seat Cushion

The seat cushion foam is available in two thicknesses: thin and ultra.


Seat Fabric

Generation - Base grade

Generation fabric is made specially for the Knoll Generation ergonomic chair. It is 100% polyester and certified for 100,000+ double rubs.

Hourglass - Grade A

Hourglass is a classic fabric with a dry, wool-like feel. It is composed of 15% polyester, 8% nylon, and 77% post-consumer recycled polyester. A water-based cleaner or mild, water-free solvents may be used for spot cleaning.

Cameo - Grade B

Cameo is a modern fabric with a soft, chenille feel. It is composed of 75% cotton and 25% viscose. For spot cleaning, use a pure, water-free solvent.

Volo Leather

Volo leather is a lightly corrected, aniline leather. The light correction process refines the surface so it better accepts the grain enhancement done prior to finishing. Volo receives a special retannage that tightens the grain and provides a finer hand that other corrected leathers.

Sabrina Leather

Sabrina leather is a very popular full grain leather. The special retannage Sabrina receives provides a smooth, tight grain and supple hand, making it an excellent choice for both elegance and high-traffic use. The average thickness is 0.9 - 1 mm, and the average weight is 2.25 - 2.5 oz per square foot. Sabrina leather is Greenguard certified and available in 114 colors.


Knoll No Cancellation Policy

As an authorized Knoll dealer, we do not accept cancellations, order revisions or returns for any Knoll items ordered.

Please make sure you are ordering the correct Knoll item and the correct Knoll item configuration before placing your order. If you have any questions about the Knoll products we offer or about the no cancellations, revisions or returns policy on Knoll items, please call us at 800-531-3746 before ordering. We're happy to answer any question you may have about Knoll products or about Knoll's no cancellations/revisions/returns policy.

Customers attempting to cancel, revise or return an order for a Knoll product from Human Solution will be subject to significant Knoll manufacturer change/cancellation fees for the order or orders.

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  • 2
    Not at all what I needed

    Posted by Clark on Mar 15th 2017

    I recently received one of these chairs at work and have to say I am incredibly unsatisfied with it. Previously I was spending my day in a semi-comfortable chair and then having some back issues when I would fight crime at night. I requested a better chair for <reasons> and was given this stylish devil to help me out. At first I was highly satisfied with it, but then I started to notice a decline in my super powers. I assumed it was just my old age, but within a few days they were all but gone! No longer can I shoot laser beams from my eyes or scale large buildings with just the might of my calves. I've since had to move to a standing desk to get away from this awful thing, and my powers are returning slowly but surely.

    Great back support
    Excellent Colors
    Doesn't squeak as much as my old chair

    Sharp Edges
    Steals super powers

  • 5
    Best Chair EVER!

    Posted by Jake on Dec 19th 2014

    I recently bought 3 of the KNOLL GENERATION CHAIRS for my office and WOW, what a difference compared to what we had beforehand! It provides amazing lumbar support, in addition to a very ergonomic design. Most importantly, it looks awesome behind my desk. :)

  • 4
    Almost the perfect chair

    Posted by Ironclad Cowboy on Jul 24th 2011

    I am a computer programmer and work from my house several days a week. I wanted to make an investment on a very high quality "perfect" chair. This is almost it.

    I have owned the chair since early May 2011. It is indeed very comfortable. I really appreciate the way the seating surface and back support give and move with the way you are sitting. It certainly makes a long day so much better than a cheaper chair.

    I only gave it four star simply because of the price to own the chair. It took over 6 weeks for delivery (made to order I suppose). The fit and finish isn't exactly what I would expect on a chair of this caliber. There are several sharp edges on the seat bottom and the arm rests don't adjust very easily (behave like they need lubricant).

    Don't misunderstand it's not poor craftsmanship. I think it just needs some polish and refining. Then maybe it will be the perfect chair.

  • 5
    Looks good, nice ride

    Posted by Jonas on Apr 20th 2011

    Had my knoll generation chair for about a month and my only complaint is that I didn't order the super adjustable arms. I'm all over the place in this chair - dig the flexible back... just wish I had gotten the arms that move around more to work with me sitting sideways, backwards, etc.

    Chair looks great in my office, and it's the most comfortable chair I've owned - well worth the wait.

This product comes standard with a 12-year limited warranty.

Return Information

  • Due to manufacturer policy, this item cannot be returned once received nor cancelled once ordered.
  • Please contact us with any questions about this product before you order.
  • To view the full returns policy on Knoll products, click here.
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