TrackIR 5 Virtual Reality Head Mouse at the Human Solution (Discontinued)

TrackIR 5 Virtual Reality Head Mouse at the Human Solution (Discontinued)

This mouse is no longer available.
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The TrackIR 5 head mouse puts your head into the game when you're playing virtual reality computer games. The new TrackIR 5 from Natural Point offers superior resolution and a larger field of view than its predecessors and allows your head movements to control your cursor on the screen. You'll never have to look down at a mouse or controller again. Featuring "6 Degrees of Freedom" (6DOF) technology, the TrackIR 5 lets you move around effortlessly through 3D spaces.

The TrackIR head mice have allowed gamers to vastly improve their gaming experience for several years, and the new TrackIR 5 improves upon the technology with better resolution, a larger field of view and new software. Customize your experience with software that lets you fine tune how your movement is processed for each of the 6 "Degrees of Freedom".

Use of the TrackIR does not interfere with your regular mouse, keyboard or other controls. The TrackIR cannot be used as a regular mouse for other applications.


  • 640 x 480px resolution - 10 times higher resolution than the TrackIR Pro 4
  • Sub-pixel resolution is 1/150th pixel as compared to 1/20th pixel on a TrackIR 4
  • Wider field of vision than the TrackIR Pro 4; 51.7° field of view as compared to 46° on the TrackIR 4
  • Resolution/Horizontal field of view degrees: 1850 subpixels/degree (the TrackIR 4 is 154 subpixels/degree)
  • Hyper-fast 120 fps sample rate
  • 6 DOF vector technology
  • Detachable magnetic base


Connection USB w/ 6 ft cable
Weight 1.8 oz
Dimensions (without base) 2" W x 1.5" H x .57" D
Range 2 - 10 ft
Reporting Range 96,000 x 72,000
Response Time 9 ms
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