Pocket Ergo - Internet Based Software with Amazon Fire Tablet

Pocket Ergo - Internet Based Software with Amazon Fire Tablet

Due to a programming fix that is needed on the REBA tool we are not currently accepting orders for Pocket Ergo.

Pocket Ergo® works on any computer with an internet connection. It is an internet based software program that contains office and industrial ergonomic assessment tools and guidelines. It will help you improve ergonomics, quality, and productivity at your workplace by using standard and accepted tools for assessing ergonomic risk.

This software is made for Ergonomists, Industrial Engineers, Safety Engineers, Industrial Hygienists, Physical Therapists, Safety Professionals, Health Care Professionals, etc. It runs on any device with an internet connection, making it ideal for field assessments. This software can be used on an iPad, Android tablet, smartphone, computer or laptop, regardless of OS or browser. All results can be saved as unique file names and imported to MS Word or other word processing programs.

We will email you your access instructions after your purchase. 30 day money back guarantee - if you are not satisfied we will issue a full refund.

Free Ergonomic Assessment Software Trial

Click the following link to sign up for a fully functional four month trial of Pocket Ergo® that works on any web browser. Be sure to register then click on the confirmation email you will receive after registering.

Pocket Ergo® Internet Based Ergonomic Assessment Software Free Trial.

Move your cursor over the "Industrial" and "Office" text on the top of the page then click on the tools in the drop down menu. For technical support, please email us at info@humansolution.com

The purchase of the web version allows for two years access including all upgrades and additional tools that will be added to Pocket Ergo® over time. After two years, you can extend your access for $89 for a two year renewal.


  • General
  • Hazard Control Methodologies
  • Anthropometry
  • Office
  • Computer Workstation Quick Configure Calculator
  • THS Office Assessment Checklist
  • OSHA Office Assessment Checklist
  • Industrial
  • Anthropometry (Standing and Seated)
  • Revised NIOSH Lifting Equation (1994)
  • Utah Back Compressive Force Model
  • Push Force Calculator (Snook)
  • Pull Force Calculator (Snook)
  • Carry Force Calculator (Snook)
  • RULA (Rapid Upper Limb Assessment)
  • REBA (Rapid Entire Body Assessment)
  • Strain Index (SI)
  • Grip and Pinch Strength
  • Industrial Ergo/Material Handling Assessment Checklists
  • Guide to Performing Industrial Ergonomics Assessments


Each assessment tool includes an instruction section and a brief description of how and when to use the tool. Basic familiarity with the various assessment tools is assumed. More comprehensive information can be obtained through the original sources which are listed as references in each tool.

REBA - Rapid Entire Body Assessment

REBA was developed as a method to assess the risk of postures that can lead to work-related musculoskeletal disorders in a variety of jobs and postures. REBA is best used when assessing jobs that require workers to assume awkward postures. A team of ergonomists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and nurses collected and analyzed over 600 postural examples to help produce REBA. It integrates dynamic and static posture force factors, coupling, issues, and gravity-assisted upper limb factors. The process of completing a REBA assessment is very similar to the RULA process.

UBCF - Utah Back Compressive Force

The UBCF Model is a simple but useful tool for estimating the risk associated with manual materials handling. It can be used to assess one handed lifts and lifts that aren't symmetric (Note: the NIOSH lifting equation is only valid on two handed lifts with symmetrically loaded hands). One study of automotive assembly jobs found that only 57% of jobs that required lifting qualified for analysis using the NIOSH lifting equation. The UBCF is based on a one time lift and does not account for lift frequency. It is relatively simple and quick to apply in the field. Safe back compressive force limits are based on the same limits established by the NIOSH lifting equation.

Strain Index

The Strain Index (SI) is an analysis approach for estimating injury risk to the distal upper extremities (hand, wrist, forearm, and elbow). It is best used on hand intensive tasks like assembly tasks. The SI score is highly related to the force/intensity exerted by the hand and wrist. Note that this is a significant distinction between the SI and the posture dependent RULA score. The SI score defines injury risk and can help prioritize job improvements among several jobs.

Grip and Pinch Strength

The grip and pinch strength tool calculates the one-time grip or pinch strength capacity for the dominant hand on males and females. On the input screen, definitions for the input values are provided. Useful design guidelines and corrective action recommendations are listed in the results.

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