UPLIFT Solid Wood Samples

Sample of each wood included in kit: Cedar, Mesquite, Ash (dark-stained and natural), Cherry, Maple, Walnut, Pecan (natural and dark-stained), White Oak, Sipo Mahogany, and Bamboo. Samples are the same thickness as our actual desktops

The UPLIFT Solid Wood Samples give you an up close look at all of the available woods that you can pair with one of our UPLIFT Solid Wood Sit-Stand Desks: Walnut, Dark Stained Ash, Dark Stained Pecan, Sipo Mahogany, Cherry, 1.5" thick Bamboo, White Oak, Pecan, Maple, Natural Ash and Mesquite.

These samples are 8" x 4" and are the same thickness as the actual top that comes with our adjustable-height desks. We understand that our photos of the solid wood desktops may not be enough to make your decision, so we offer the UPLIFT Solid Wood Samples for you to experience these beautiful woods first hand; an important factor for some when making a decision.

Once returned, cost of kit is applied to your purchase of an UPLIFT solid wood desk. Offer can not be combined with other coupons or discounts.

This is a rental, not a purchase, of the wood sample kit - if you'd like a set of samples to keep, please contact us for pricing and availability. We include a pre-paid return label so you can return the samples at no additional cost to you. If the kit is not returned, returned late, or returned in damaged condition, we reserve the right to charge a replacement fee of $300.

Solid Wood Samples availability - Please contact us for availability. 


  • Sample of each wood included in kit: Mesquite, Ash (natural and dark-stained), Cherry, Maple, Walnut, Pecan (natural and dark-stained), White Oak, Sipo Mahogany, and Bamboo. Samples are the same thickness as actual desktops
  • Full set of wood samples for rent to help you choose your desktop
  • Prepaid return shipping label included
  • Handcrafted by our wood workers
  • Cost of kit is applied as a discount to your purchase of a solid wood desk


Sample size 8" x 4"
Number of samples 10
Shipping weight 30 lbs


We have three kits for you to choose from, depending on the types of woods you're interested in:

All samples except for mesquite Includes dark and natural ash, dark and natural pecan, cherry, maple, walnut, white oak, and premium bamboo.
These are not available with a barkline on the full desk, and will have square sides.
All wood samples This kit includes all our wood samples.
Mesquite wood samples only This kit contains our native solid woods, which are available with or without a barkline.

Want to see the full solid wood desk setup? Check out our Solid Wood UPLIFT Desk Builder.

UPLIFT Wood Samples

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Should the samples not be returned, or be returned too damaged to use again, we will charge their full replacement cost, up to $300, but may vary.

Return Information

  • THIS IS NOT A PURCHASE OF THE SAMPLES: Please read these return instructions carefully.
    • We ship you the sample set for free. The cost displayed is for return shipping to us.
    • Please use the original packaging and the enclosed return prepaid shipping label when returning the samples to us.
    • We ask that you ship the samples back to us within 3 days of receipt.
    • If you purchase a solid wood desk or desktop, the cost of this transaction can be credited towards your purchase, or can be refunded back to the original method of payment, if you prefer.
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