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SmartNav 4 AT Hands Free MouseSmartNav 4 AT Hands Free MouseSmartNav 4 AT Hands Free MouseSmartNav 4 AT Hands Free MouseSmartNav 4 AT Hands Free MouseSmartNav 4 AT Hands Free MouseSmartNav 4 AT Hands Free MouseSmartNav 4 AT Hands Free MouseSmartNav 4 AT Hands Free MouseSmartNav 4 AT Hands Free MouseSmartNav 4 AT Hands Free Mouse
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  • SmartNav 4 AT Hands Free Mouse
  • SmartNav 4 AT Hands Free Mouse
  • SmartNav 4 AT Hands Free Mouse
  • SmartNav 4 AT Hands Free Mouse
  • SmartNav 4 AT Hands Free Mouse

SmartNav 4 AT Hands Free Mouse

Item #: NAT403
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The SmartNav 4 AT Hands Free Mouse offers a completely hands-free solution for controlling your computer. It is an excellent choice for gamers and people with ALS, spinal cord injuries, muscular problems, or other special needs. The SmartNav 4 AT comes with everything you need to control your computer using only the motion of your head, including dwell clicking software and a virtual keyboard.

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SmartNav 4 AT Hands Free Mouse is the ideal solution for those seeking a hands-free way to control a computer. Using an infrared sensor and a piece of reflective material attached to some type of headgear, this ergonomic mouse has been designed to compliment the natural movement of your head. Moving your head less than a quarter inch can move the cursor across the entire screen. Built-in dwell clicking software provides users a way to perform functions such as clicking, dragging and double clicking all with only head movement. The virtual keyboard allows you to type onscreen using the SmartNav. The mouse may be used with a palm click switch, a foot switch or a Kinesis foot pedal as well. These features make it the perfect hands-free mouse for those who cannot use their hands at all to operate a computer. Users with use of their hands simply looking to minimize strain may prefer the SmartNav 4 EG Mouse instead.

SmartNav 4 AT Hands Free Mice Features

  • High resolution for sensitivity to natural head motion
  • Dwell clicking software included
  • Built-in virtual keyboard
  • Compatibility with palm switches, foot switches and foot pedals
  • Six foot range
  • Improved mounting options including a tripod
  • Included accessories: 26 reflective dots, Y breakout cable for switches, mounting clip

How the SmartNav Works

The SmartNav senses a reflective dot (either placed on your head or something else like a mic boom), a reflective area on the SmartNav Tracking Hat, or the reflective dot on a SmartNav sensor ring. Simple motions move the mouse cursor. The Smartnav usually sits on top of your monitor, but it can be placed any place that it can still "see" the reflective accessory you are using.

There are a number of ways you can "click" with the SmartNav, depending upon which model you purchase. The SmartNav AT offers the most flexibility as you can "click" with a keyboard hot key, one of the optional click switches, with voice clicking or with the included Dwell Click software: it allows you to click by hovering the cursor in a specific spot. The EG model does not include the Dwell Click software.

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SmartNav 4 AT Hands Free Mice

System Requirements

  • Windows OS
  • 500 MHz processor
  • USB connectivity

SmartNav 4 AT Hands Free Mouse Accessories

Foot Switch

Single Pedal Foot Switch

Using SmartNav control software this pedal can be re-programmed to perform several functions including normal, left, right and middle mouse clicks, or use our custom functions like pausing the cursor, centering, or activating scrolling mode. This single action foot switch is only usable with the EG and AT SmartNav devices. A self-adhesive, hook & loop tab is provided to anchor the pedal to the floor if desired.

(3.5" W x 2.5" L x 1" H. 9.6' cord)


Kinesis Double and Triple Pedal Foot Switches

The Kinesis Savant Elite Programmable Foot Switch comes in dual or triple pedal configurations and helps users to to speed up productivity or to minimize keystrokes. The Savant Elite Foot Switch can be programmed for mouse emulation or it can perform any keyboard action or key combination. See the complete listing for the Kinesis Savant Elite Programmable Foot Switch for more details.

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Tracking Hat

The SmartNav Hat has built-in tracking surfaces on the brim and back, which improve the ease-of-use and accuracy of the SmartNav. The hat positions the reflective material a couple of inches in front of the user's forehead, accentuating the movements of the head. The SmartNav tracking hat comes in black with light grey trim and tracking surfaces on both the front and the back. One size fits all, adjustable.

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Voice Clicking Software

The SmartNav EG can now be ordered with voice clicking software. Voice activated clicking allows users to perform mouse clicks and commands by speaking to their computer. For example, saying 'right click' will produce that action on the screen. Please note that this software is not compatible with Windows 7 or Windows 8.

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Sensor Rings

The SmartNav Ring controls the computerís cursor without requiring that users take their hands off the keyboard. These flexible rubber rings fit easily on users' fingers, and have a reflective crown. Slipping a ring on allows the SmartNav to follow that finger, allowing the user to perform all typical mouse functions by simply aiming their finger at any point on their monitor screen and clicking user defined hot keys on the keyboard. One size fits all, adjustable.

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Reflective Dots

Each sheet includes 20- 0.33" inch (7.5 mm) diameter dots and 6- 0.5" x 0.5" squares. One sheet is included with a new SmartNav head mouse. This option includes two additional sheets of reflective dots. Extra dots are useful for attaching to other items like glasses, hats and microphone booms.

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Reflective Raw Material

A 1" wide x 1' long strip of raw 3M reflective material that can be fashioned into a variety of custom shapes to meet your individual needs.

reflective raw material for smart nav mouse

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Customer Reviews

SmartNav 4 AT Hands Free Mouse
5 Stars based on 4 Review(s)
5 Stars

wonderful product
October 10, 2012
This is a wonderful product The only problem is that not install on a Laptop correctly.

Steve Beitel
5 Stars

The best bargain of the year!
September 22, 2010
I'm unable to type or mouse for long without serious pain. I've been using speech recognition software for several years, but I find it awkward to use browsers and many other programs by voice control. Several months ago, I found out about SmartNav devices and quickly realized that this was the missing link that could allow me to operate my computer with minimal pain and stress. It's so easy and intuitive for me to maneuver the cursor around the screen and click on any button or link using dwell clicking. With the installed Click-N-Type keyboard, I can even write messages (such as this!) if I wish to rest my voice. The price seems quite small compared to the long-term freedom SmartNav 4 AT is giving me to continue using my computer several hours a day--and to continue earning a living (as a professional editor and writer)!

Debbie Gordon
4 Stars

SmartNav 4
November 14, 2009
This product has opened up a whole new world for my quidepeligic daughter. She is able to expand her horizons from her hospital bed. She loves it. The only problem is the way it mounts on the computer not real sturdy. I add velcro dots to hold it on the top of her lap top other than that very simple for her to use. loving it. Thanks so much.

5 Stars

Opens a whole new world
October 4, 2009
I bought the SmarNavt 4 for my quidepeligic daughter who is still on the vent and has a trak and has been in the hospital for 3 1/2 years. She is very alert and from day one of receiving the SmartNav 4 has been able to use it. SmartNav 4 has opened a whole new world for her from her hospital bed. The only thing we don't like about the SmartNav4 is the way you mount it onto the computer. We worry that it is going to fall off & get broken. The mount doesn't seem to be dependable. So far it's ok but we have only had it for one week. Is there another way to mount the SmartNav4 on the laptop?

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