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Natural Point TrackIR 4 Pro Head Tracker Mouse

item#: NAT404

Natural Point's TrackIR 4 Pro Optical Head Tracking Device allows users to experience real time 3D view control in video games and simulations simply by moving their head, making it invaluable for those who love to "get into" virtual reality PC games. The TrackIR4 Pro is the only true 6DOF head tracking system of its kind. The TrackIR 4 is for gaming only; it cannot be used as a regular mouse. Scroll down for more TrackIR 4 details and specifications.

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With the Track IR 4 Pro, your game view will move as you do- as naturally as moving your head. The TrackIR4 Pro has won multiple awards for its design including the SimHQ "Technology-Best Commercial Release of 2005" and PC Pilot Magazine's Classis Award 2006.

How the Track IR 4 Pro Works

The TrackIR 4 Pro adjusts your game-view precisely as you move your head in small amounts. You never have to look away from your screen because all aspects of your motion are amplified. The sensitivity is user adjustable, and the Natural Point TrackIR4 Pro is the only head tracking mouse that features 6DOF. This means that the TrackIR can move in all 6 of the directions you can move in when in a three-dimensional space. This puts the TrackIR way ahead of any other input device. Use of the TrackIR does not affect the way your mouse, keyboard or joysticks work, so you still have all those other input options available to use.

The Vector Expansion is included with the TrackIR 4 Pro, and it provides true 6DOF head tracking. The Vector expansion, building on the proven and affordable TrackIR technology, takes head tracking to a new level of realism. Vector precisely translates all head motion into your virtual point of view. Pan side to side, look around and even zoom with full 3-D tracking. Vector expands your view control to a full range of motion, from two degrees (2DOF pitch/yaw), to all six degrees of freedom (6DOF). No matter how or which direction you move your head, Vector instantly captures it with extreme precision and accuracy.

TrackIR 4 Pro Features

  • Wider 46° field of view
  • Hyper-fast 120 FPS sample rate
  • Small, sleek design
  • Resolution doubling technology
  • Vector technology

TrackIR 4 Pro Bundle Includes

  • TrackIR4 device
  • 1 Black TrackClip Pro
  • CD-ROM software
  • Electronic user manual
  • Quick start guide
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trackir 4 package

TrackIR 4 Pro Accessories

All of the TrackIR 4 accessories are available in the accessories tab. The TrackIR 4 bundle comes with the standard TrackIR 4 and the TrackClip Pro by Natural Point.
  • TrackClip Pro
  • Trackhat
  • Extra dots- each sheet includes 20 dots and 6 1/2" squares; extra dots can be attached to other items including glasses, hats, microphone booms or even your forehead

Customer Reviews

Natural Point TrackIR 4 Pro Head Tracker Mouse
4.5 Stars based on 19 Review(s)
Kyle Maynard
3 Stars

TrackClip Pro
July 4, 2013
I upgraded from the hat clip to the trackclip. I have gone through my second now. This is a great product with the exception of durability/longevity. It works perfectly until the light housing separates from the boom arm. The joint is just too fragile. If the joint was made with screw fitting instead of just plastic forms with a grommet it would have a longer life. It would require enough thread to allow for the adjustment range of the boom and light housing. An aluminum version while more costly would be even better. The fitting could then be a ring coupler instead of a grommet. Please, improve it so I can buy a new one.

4 Stars

TrackIR 4
January 16, 2013
First time with a Tracker Mouse and was extremely impressed. I'm learning how to fly and this allowed me to view the runway out the side window while on the downwind leg. Lots of fun. It was easy to install, set up, and use. Thank you for a great product. When it's nasty outside I can still get in the air, and the TrackIR 4 makes it almost as real as being in the cockpit. Thank you.

4 Stars

September 28, 2012
what else could I say,it's all been said .

4 Stars

Get the 4.. less is best..
May 8, 2012
Well, I bought two trackIR5's and both went out right after warranty.. OLD friends have been using the 4 forevere. I opted for the 4 this third and last time around... I must say, I been wasting money! The 4 works as good as the 5 and hopefully I will get more than a month after warranty.. HS has the best pricing anyplace... get yours today!

5 Stars

March 22, 2012
To be honest, I find no difference between the trackhat and the trackclip pro. Both products worked flawlessly in all kinds of lighting situations so if you want to save a little money, stay with the trackhat that comes with the unit. I mounted mine on a golf visor and it works exactly as shown in the videos. It's a great product. Sadly, Microsoft flight does not support it.

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