Ergonomic Consulting & Assessment Services

Certified Professional Ergonomists

Due to time constraints on our Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE) we are currently only able to accept requests for on-site ergonomic assessments within a 50 mile radius of Austin, Texas. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. To request a remote assessment, or an on-site assessment in the Austin area, click here. If you are seeking an on-site assessment in another location, we have compiled a list of ergonomists with whom we've worked in the past. After submitting your email in the box to the right, click the green button that appears to download a PDF version of our list of ergonomic consultants.

Disclaimer: The Human Solution does not claim to have quality control and assumes no liability over ergonomic consultants or their services. Use consultants at your own risk.

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Assessment and Consulting Options

On-Site Office Assessments

Our in-house consultant performs all remote assessments, as well as on-site ergonomic assessments within a 50 mile radius of Austin, Texas. Human Solution also has recommendations for Certified Professional Ergonomists who provide ergonomic consulting services nationwide. We provide you access to our list of qualified consultant partners throughout the United States - simply enter your email address in the form at the top of this page and then click the green button that appears to download the list. We cover 95% of the USA. All consultant partners are reviewed by our in-house Certified Professional Ergonomist to ensure that we refer our customers to qualified ergonomic consultants.

Note: If you are a qualified consultant and are interested in being a part of Human Solution's consulting network, please contact us at Please list the cities you serve. This is a free service we provide. We do not accept referral fees from our consultant partners.

An ergonomic consultation may determine your office needs an ergonomic mouse and ergonomic keyboard for employees
Office Ergonomics Training

Whether you have a single workstation, or a whole office that needs to be assessed, a consultant will work with you to deliver a tailored ergonomic assessment. To ensure that you receive a qualified assessment, all consultants are reviewed by our in-house Certified Professional Ergonomist.

Remote Office Ergonomic Assessments

We have developed another method for assisting employers in their efforts to meet the needs of their employees in these times of fiscal responsibility. For situations where an on-site evaluation is geographically impractical or too costly, our consultant offers a remote online assessment. The employee generally completes a brief questionnaire and provides optional digital images of their work area. Our ergonomic consultant will assess and provide recommendations based upon the questionnaire and images provided. Coaching and training over the phone may also be provided, upon request.

Industrial Ergonomics Assessments

Please enter your email address into the form at the top of this page, then click the green button that appears to download a list of our consultant partners, who can help set up a specialized industrial ergonomic assessment appointment.

The goal of any assessment is to improve productivity, quality, safety, and worker comfort by making practical ergonomic improvements in the workplace. Primary focus is given to improvements that will have a large impact. Cost justifications (ROI) can support most improvements. Improved performance at work will result in increased worker satisfaction and higher profitability for your company. An effective ergonomics program will lower your OSHA lost time and restricted day injury rates; consultants have the data to show this and can work with you on stating a case for ergonomics.

Learn more about setting up your ergonomic workspace

  • On-site office ergonomic assessments
  • Manufacturing line assessments
  • Lean manufacturing ergonomics
  • Industrial workplace assessments
  • Tool design and selection
  • Product design
  • Return to work assessments for injured workers

Consultants apply and develop methodologies for analyzing, designing, testing, and evaluating systems. Our consultants address complex problems and advance ergonomics technologies and methods. All assessment recommendations are prioritized to help you focus during the implementation phase. Short-term and long-term recommendations are typically provided. Consultants can also help you implement recommendations if requested. All assessments are handled professionally and confidentially.

An ergonomic assessment may determine an ergonomic monitor arm is right for you

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is an ergonomic assessment important?

A comprehensive ergonomic assessment benefits the worker by improving efficiencies and comfort while maximizing safety at a justifiable cost. Increased productivity and reduced employee downtime usually deliver an excellent ROI.

What is the normal lead time to schedule an assessment?

It typically takes no more than one week to schedule an ergonomic assessment.

How much does an assessment cost?

Single workstation assessments generally start above $300.00, plus mileage travel expenses depending on your location.


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