UPLIFT Desk is #1 on Wired's list of 16 Essentials to Smarten Up Your Home Office, which features products to "help create a workspace you'll be happy to spend time in, while keeping you comfortable and productive throughout the day... This height-adjustable, sitting-and-standing desk is configurable for the way you like to work."

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"Reasonably priced and attractive... I love it. It helps me stay healthy and productive."

"When you're trying to come up with an idea or solve a problem, you move around. A sit-stand desk just makes it easier, faster, and more convenient. It also increases your productivity."

"I strongly recommend the Uplift Bamboo Stand Up Desk if you are tired of spending all day on your derriere. The height range is enough to accommodate people with a broad range of heights, there are dozens of customization options, and the desk is built with sturdy, high-quality materials."

"Several different tops and a telescoping frame allow you to customize the look and width. Take a look at all the options to craft your ideal workspace."

"In all likelihood, you'll want a workstation that allows you to stand and sit. UPLIFT has an extensive line of desks in a variety of sizes, prices and designs... We like the UPLIFT 900."

"I'm told I now joining other standing desk users at Google, NBC, The University of Notre Dame (Go Irish!), MIT, The University of Texas (Go Horns!), Yahoo!, eBay and Boeing. "

"[Readers] who nominated the UPLIFT praised the flexibility in ordering, giving you the option to build out your dream desk as you choose... UPLIFT offers free shipping, which is a huge deal."

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"Having the ability to sit and stand for parts of the day is the best of both worlds. It's even better when you have a deks with the desktop build quality of UPLIFT."

"The most exciting thing about the UPLIFT 900 Desks is that we were able to create workspaces that were truly personalized. We can work the way we want to in a space that we designed."

" UPLIFT Desk could be exactly what you're looking for... Start basic, expand as you grow used to it, and never look back."

" I've used this for a few weeks now in my home office and will never look back... The flexibility of this desk helped me endure and shorten a back-pain episode."

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Customer Testimonials


I have had my UPLIFT desk for 3 months, and absolutely love it! It's solid and reliable, and has ample working room! Great product!

Ty Schieber

I LOVE my desk! Best decision I've made about a desk ever. They made it so easy for me. AND I was super concerned about putting it together... no handy person... but they have awesome videos that brought me through each step. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. I did it all by myself. #nohusbandneeded :)

lane kennedy-levy

Excellent adjustable desk. This desk has a larger work surface than others we purchased from a different manufacturer. Easy to adjust. Smooth operation. Great price point.

Pattie Thompson

I have had an UPLIFT desk for six months now. Before I began to utilize it, my neck, back and shoulders were uncomfortable every day. Sitting all day was not a pleasant way to work. My employer bought a couple sit/stand desks for a floating office, and I tried one. The difference was remarkable. Since I work primarily from home, I bought one for myself, and have not regretted it for a minute. The desk is fully adjustable and I find my neck, back and shoulders are all now pain free at the end of even a 12 hour day. I also recently purchased an UPLIFT Motion Stool and it is the perfect compliment to my desk, allowing me to perch/lean while on a long call on in a meeting....

John Levesque

Great product. Easy to assemble and works as described. I was impressed with the build quality and affordable price. We purchased 17 adjustable hgt bases and were able to easily mount 30" x 8'-0" long desk tops to these legs! We are extremely happy with our purchase.

$$-Ryan Rademacher

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When it comes to helping our customers find the best ergonomic gear on the planet, Human Solution goes above and beyond to deliver work-transforming products to offices everywhere. From the moment you decide you want a more ergo-friendly workstation, to when an order is placed, to delivery of a product to its final home, we're here every step of the way