Upgrades For Your Desk

Add Accessories to Solve Headaches

If you're working at a non-UPLIFT Desk, you still have options to complete your workstation with cutting-edge ergonomic products from UPLIFT Desk.

With the right office, almost anything is possible. Your desk is just the start; filling in your workstation with products that keep you comfortable and focused allow you work even better and healthier than you ever thought possible. From multifunctional storage to supportive seating, we have the accessories you need to transform your space for more comfort. Build a workstation that lets you truly live your best (work) life with industry-leading products from UPLIFT Desk.

What Type of Accessory Are You Looking For?

Under-Desk Accessories that Attach

Your workstation. This is the place where your work gets done, but no matter what your setup, many desks have one thing in common: less-than-ideal storage/organization. This can take many forms, from unruly cord situations to traditional desktop clutter. Working at a desk that's tidy is better for your mental focus and helps you maintain productivity, so it's important to give yourself plenty of space to store things.

Attachable under-desk accessories allow you to get items off your desktop and save space on and around your desk, and make better use of available space under your workstation. A no-assembly cubby instantly improves storage space, or install a drawer for a permanent solution that keeps items close by. Installing a keyboard tray is an ideal way to ensure you're always typing and mousing in the perfect ergonomic postures. Make better use of your desk real estate and keep your computer cords safe throughout all of your height adjustments with a CPU holder, and get your cables under control with a wire management kit.

On the Floor and Beneath Workstations

Don't forget all of that floor space around your desk that you could be utilizing to help you work more productively. We offer a growing collection of products to stow underneath your sit-stand workstation, from storage solutions to desk bikes.

Starting with our multiple multifunctional, locking, rolling file cabinets that are designed to fit neatly under most styles of standing desks, you'll be able to save a little save space here and there. Give your feet and legs more seated support with an adjustable footrest, which allows you to sit and work with ideal circulation. Stand comfortably on a desk mat or active mat for different levels of anti-fatigue support. Adding a motion board to your setup will let you rock, tilt, swivel, and rotate for more movement when standing, while our desk bikes and desk treadmills keep your body on the move, boosting your energy levels.

Accessories on Your Desktop

You can do many great things with the space on your desktop, but choose wisely. Depending on the tools you install and set up in your primary work area, you'll be able to work better and more productively. The industry-leading products from UPLIFT Desk make it easy by helping you organize, power, and elevate your workstation in all the right ways.

Allow yourself to use your desktop as a workspace instead of de facto storage space. Instead, store and stash those lingering desktop items while amplifying your style with one of our organizer sets. Uplift and elevate your monitors to your perfect viewing sweet spot with a monitor arm. Working with a laptop? Add a laptop mount. Easily stop eye strain and light up every last detail with a task light. In-desk grommets provide you accessible power and a convenient spot through which to route cords from devices, while a USB hub gives you plenty of ports to charge devices and transport data in a flash. Lastly, build the desk that helps you work your best by adding a no-installation desktop acoustic privacy panel holder for your acoustic privacy panels.

Side of Desk Accessories

Maximize space and accessorize your desk with items that go on the sides of your desk. Give yourself generous storage with a file cabinet or teak credenza, both of which can easily be set up on either side of your desk, depending on your unique space and dimensions. A fixed-height side table gives you enough space to store items that you might be keeping on your desktop, relinquishing it for more noble pursuits than your office's backup storage.

Working with the adaptable E7 LED Desk Lamp as a floor lamp lets you to shed light over a broad area. Adding modesty panels to the back and sides of your desk help you clean up wires and stash them inside the panels' interior mesh pouch while simultaneously hiding the view under your workstation. And with our acoustic privacy panels installed on three sides, you're able to create the quiet work sanctuary that keeps your mind on the task at hand.

Attractive Wall Touches

When your office products are this good at multitasking, you know you're furnishing your office the right way. Give yourself beautiful, decorative pieces that also reduce sound in the office with sound-sheltering tools from UPLIFT Acoustics.

Choose between two types of 3D wall panels, wave and tube, to absorb extra decibels in your space. These dense, yet lightweight polyester panels can be used alone or in groups to add the right amount of sound-buffering to the area. Hang a waffle cloud in large or mixed office areas for an eye-catching addition that draws the eye and takes care of excess noise at the same time.

Seating That Supports You

Even if you work at a height adjustable desk, chances are you'll spend some of the day sitting. Make it count with an ergonomic chair that supports you in all of the important ways; improve your seated working comfort with expertly-design chairs and stools from UPLIFT Desk.

Enjoy your time spent sitting and work with more comfort than ever before with an ergonomic chair such as the Pursuit or J3. Or when you're ready to switch it up and split the difference between standing and sitting, you can perch on a stool, like the E7, which lets you tilt and perch for more ways to switch up your posture throughout the day.