Facet Ergonomic Chair by UPLIFT Desk

The budget-friendly and comfortable Facet Ergonomic Chair by UPLIFT Desk


Keep your back and your neck happy with the budget-friendly Facet Ergonomic Chair by UPLIFT Desk. All UPLIFT Desk brand chairs are carefully tested by our in house Certified Professional Ergonomist. He has sat in thousands of ergonomic chairs and has designed ours to be the best, most cost effective, chair to use with a height-adjustable desk. While non-ergonomic chairs can cause discomfort, impeding your focus and overall productivity, the designers at UPLIFT Desk equipped the Facet with customizable features to suit a wide variety of workers. Advanced characteristics like adjustable seat height, headrest, back, lumbar, three-way adjustable arms, tilt lock, seat depth, and synchro mech with auto-weight sensing tilt tension adjustment allow you to program the chair to suit your unique needs, which creates a customized experience every time you sit down at your desk.

Use the built-in synchro-tilt mechanism to find the perfect position for your chair. The tool allows for the seat and back of the chair to tilt simultaneously at slightly different ratios. This ensures that the backrest reclines at a comfortable angle without forcing your feet off the floor. A design feature this intricate is typically only found in ergonomic chairs in much pricier ranges, but the Facet offers the same stability and comfort without breaking the bank. Once you find your ideal position, use the tilt lock feature to secure the chair in place.

Another fantastic feature is the Facet's back mesh fabric, which results in better ventilation and airflow. The durable material keeps you cool by transferring the heat away from you throughout your workday. While we encourage you to transition between sitting and standing to glean all the health benefits associated with ergonomic movement, the Facet's breathable fabric and padded seat cushion will make your sitting experiences far more comfortable. This allows you to stay focused on the tasks at hand. Once you find your ideal height and seat depth, all you have to do is adjust the headrest to give your neck the support it deserves, and you're ready to tackle even the busiest of office days.

You're not going to find a chair with this many amazing features at such an affordable price. Plus, it's BIFMA-level certified. When it comes to budget-friendly and feature-rich ergonomic office chairs, the Facet is unmatched!


  • Advanced adjustable features (including adjustable headrest, back, lumbar support, seat height and depth, three-way adjustable arms, tilt lock, and synchro mech with auto-weight sensing tilt tension adjustment
  • Fabric seat cushion provides extra support for long office days while breathable mesh back allows for great air flow and keeps you cooler longer
  • Superb synchro-tilt capabilities offer resistance in the chair's seat and back, which ensures that the backrest reclines when you do without forcing your feet off the ground
  • The adjustable back with auto-weight sensing tilt tension allows you to find positions most optimal for comfort. Then you can simply use the lock to keep your setting preferences static
  • Use the height and tilt-adjustable headrest to keep your neck and back supported
  • BIFMA certified
  • Optional height and tilt-adjustable headrest keep both your back and neck supported so you can focus on more important tasks


Dimensions with headrest 27.6" W x 27.6" D x 43.7 - 50.4" H
Seat width 19.3" W
Usable seat depth 18" W x 19.7 - 23.8" H
Back dimensions 18" W x 19.7 - 23.8" H
Seat height 17.9-21.9" H
Weight capacity 250 lb
ANSI/BIFMA Complies with ANSI/BIFMA X5.1-2017 standards
Warranty 15 year
Shipping dimensions 26" L x 19.25" W x 31" H, 47.1 lb

Facet Ergonomic Chair FAQs

  1. What makes the Facet stand out from other UPLIFT Desk chairs?

    A great resource to compare the features of all of the UPLIFT Desk chairs is the UPLIFT Chair Comparison Chart.

  2. What is this chair's weight capacity?

    This chair holds up to 250 lb.

  3. What is the total weight for the chair?

    This chair weighs 39.6 lb.

  4. What colors does this chair come in?

    Black is the only available color at this time.

  5. Can I try out this chair before I buy it?

    Yes, you can come down to our showroom in Austin, TX and try out the chair for yourself.

  6. Do I have to attach the headrest?

    All Facet chairs include a headrest that you can either attach while assembling the chair, or leave it off. This allows you to customize your chair to your own preferences.

  7. Does a warranty come with this chair?

    Yes, this chair comes with a 15 year warranty.

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Our goal with the Facet Ergonomic Chair was to deliver a budget-friendly option that was free from the discomfort caused by cheap office chairs.

The Facet Ergonomic Chair by UPLIFT Desk is an excellent value and a great fit. The height, headrest, back, lumbar, three-way arm adjustment, tilt lock, seat depth, and synchro mechanism are all adjustable to create a custom and comfortable sitting experience.

The included but optionally installed height and tilt-adjustable headrest keeps both your back and neck supported.

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