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Users looking to improve their headset experience can start with Plantronics. Ergonomic, crystal clear communication connections at the touch of a button. Corded and wireless versions available for every working style.

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Learn More About Ergonomic Office Headsets

Plantronics got its start in the headset industry in 1962, developing the first lightweight communications headset on the market. Since that time, Plantronics has grown to become the world's leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of lightweight communications headset products.

Plantronics is a trusted name among many Fortune 500 companies. It was a Plantronics headset NASA relied upon to deliver the famous "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" quote from the moon.

Plantronics offers a variety of products including Bluetooth headsets for mobile phones, headset systems for small and large business settings, computer headsets for the avid gamer and even aviation headsets. Plantronics headsets offer the clearest sound quality and mobility for wherever you happen to be. If communications are critical to your daily activities, then Plantronics headsets can help you achieve peak performance. Whatever your needs may be, whether it's running a home office or planning a trip to the Sea of Tranquility, Plantronics has the headset for you.

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Wireless Office Headsets

Wireless Office Headset Systems give you the freedom to walk away from your phone while on the phone. All of our Plantronics headsets feature noise-cancelling microphones and wideband frequencies, ensuring that you'll get the best sound even in noisy environments.

Headsets are a must-have ergonomic accessory. They help prevent neck strain and headaches, as well as allowing you to get up and move around during the day, increasing circulation and mood. Plantronics offers many systems that provide highest-quality sound clarity, superior reliability and comfort for all-day wearing. A leader in the world headset industry, Plantronics Wireless Office Headsets are a top-of-the-line product backed by a factory warranty.

Corded Office Headsets

Plantronics Corded Office Headset Systems offer supreme comfort and superior sound quality. Corded headsets are a great option for call centers and offices and provide excellent call clarity that you need for great customer service. A leader in the world headset industry, Plantronics Corded Office Headsets are top-of-the-line systems that are backed with a one year replacement warranty.

Aviation Headsets

From NASA to the FAA, Plantronics Headsets are the number one brand for specialty aviation headset solutions. Plantronics is known for quickly assessing the needs of its customers and creating new products to fit their requirements. Plantronics Headsets meet your mission-critical needs.

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