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Healthcare Ergonomics

Healthcare settings such as medical, dental and hospital environments require special consideration when looking for ergonomic products. We have a great selection of ergonomic healthcare products like point of care monitor arms, data entry arms and chairs designed for use in healthcare applications.

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Learn More About Healthcare Ergonomics

  • Monitor Arms: In healthcare settings, it's especially important to have easy access to computers for record keeping and data viewing from multiple angles. These ergonomic healthcare monitor arms were designed with clinical environments in mind, blending flexibility with integrated cable management systems to present a clean, organized appearance that minimizes tripping and entanglement hazards from wires while also being able to quickly fold out of the way to save space when not in use.
  • Seating: Proper ergonomic healthcare seating requires one to consider many unique factors, including the necessity to maintain a sterile environment, and the many positions healthcare professionals must contort their bodies while examining patients. In order to ease your search for the right ergonomic products for medical use, we've compiled a selection of ergonomic healthcare chairs and stools.
  • Anti-fatigue Mats: Many medical professionals such as nurses and pharmacists frequently find themselves standing for the majority of the day. The ergonomic healthcare anti-fatigue mats on this page were designed to support employees who primarily stand while working, providing a soft cushion that allows you to stand comfortably as well as a hygienic, easy-to-maintain standing surface.
  • Keyboard Trays: These keyboard tray systems are ideal for creating an ergonomic workstation in a medical environment. The keyboard trays listed here are our most popular models, featuring a high degree of customization with extremely sturdy construction and easy-to-clean surfaces

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