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Standing Desk Converter


These height adjustable standing desk converters sit on top of your current desk or quickly attach to easily create a sit-stand desk. While we feel that a full standing desk is preferable, a converter (also known as a desk riser or desktop converter) is the next best option if you can't lose your fixed-height desk.

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Upgrade your Current Workstation with a Standing Desk Converter

Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converters provide the best way to transform your current desk into a sit to stand workstation. While it is preferable to have a complete height adjustable desk, we understand that there are certain situations where it is not possible to do so, and the existing desk must be retrofitted to receive the ergonomic and health benefits from a standing workstation. A desk riser easily attaches to almost any existing desktop and adjusts without difficulty, using either an electric motor or a simple lever. In most cases, it takes only a few seconds to go from sitting to standing and vice-versa! Most sit-stand desk converters can also be customized to include monitor arms so that you always have the perfect ergonomic viewing angle. Many also include shelving units so your phone or documents are easily in reach when in the standing position. Even if you can't upgrade your whole desk, stay moving throughout the day with a desktop converter! 

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