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The ErgoKit® is an organized set of assessment equipment in a convenient, portable case, and they are all designed by our CPE (Certified Professional Ergonomist). A complete assessment kit will ensure you have the proper assessment equipment available when performing workplace assessments.

Have you tried to assess a job and found that you didn't have the correct assessment tool? Let us help. Professional assessments require that you have the right measurement equipment; please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or special requests.

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ErgoKit®: Ergonomic Assessment Tools for Ergonomists, Safety Professionals & Engineers

"If you can not measure it, you can not improve it." - Lord Kelvin

The ErgoKit® contains all the essential equipment needed for a professional ergonomic assessment. Over 20 pieces of ergonomic assessment equipment are neatly organized in a custom, airline carry-on size hard case. This kit will help you analyze, design, and perform testing to help solve every ergonomic problem.

This complete ErgoKit® is designed to go wherever the job takes you, weighing in at roughly 35 pounds including the hard case. Delicate equipment is protected by a custom foam insert designed so that your tools are organized and quickly accessible during assessments. The foam insert's custom cut for each tool allows for a visual inventory of the equipment, making it easier to see what's in the case at a glance. For ergonomists who check out equipment to other employees, this is a great tracking solution.

The ErgoKit Lite features the most common equipment used during professional ergonomic assessments. A wide array of durable, accurate testing tools are included in a heavy duty carrying bag for a variety of force, posture and frequency measurement applications. Designed to meet the most common needs of the professional ergonomist, the ErgoKit Lite features many of the same tools found in the complete ErgoKit, making it a great solution for ergonomists who only need tools to perfom force and anthropometric measurements.

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