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Non-Electric Standing Desks


We strongly recommend electric height-adjustable desks, but if you are unable to place your standing desk near an outlet, we also offer pneumatic and crank adjustable-height desks. Pneumatic desks function with a hydraulic gas cylinder and lift easily by hand. Crank adjustable-height desks operate with a mechanical crank lift turned by hand. We do not recommend crank desks if you plan to adjust your desk height often.

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No Outlet? No Problem!

When shopping for a desk, there are three main adjustment categories. Electric desks, our most popular options, are easily moved with the push of a button and offer the heaviest weight capacities. These desks are powered by motors that are discreetly located within the desk bases and make little noise while operating. While non-electric desks have their benefits, specifically if you do not have an outlet nearby, if you plan on adjusting your desk frequently or need something with a higher weight capacity we strongly recommend an electric adjustment mechanism.

Pneumatic height adjustable desks like the Humanscale Float Table and Steelcase Airtouch use a counterbalance mechanism that requires you to simply press a lever to raise or lower the desktop. These desks feature a weight capacity of up to 150 pounds.

Crank adjustable height desks, like the Focal Locus Desks, are raised by turning a crank in one direction, and lowered by turning it in the other. Operation is relatively simple; however, adjustment takes a while, with one inch of movement requiring 5 or 6 turns.

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