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Sit-Stand Seating

Sit-Stand Seating

Allow your body the freedom to move and engage your core with a Sit-Stand Chair that's designed to eliminate lower back pain. Sit-stand chairs and stools allow you to shift your weight and rest periodically while standing, so you can stand longer. Perch seating is a great blend between standing and sitting, giving you some support while standing, without being in a fully seated position. Alternate between all of your sitting and standing postures seamlessly with the ideal stand up desk chair for you.

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Sit-Stand Seating

Extend the benefits of your height adjustable standing desk, by pairing it with a sit-stand seating option. These standing chairs keep legs fresh. Users can shift their weight and rest periodically while standing, enabling them to stand for a longer duration. A standing desk chair, like the Motion Stool or E7 Stool by UPLIFT Desk, allows users to lean in a variety of standing positions throughout the day, activating a majority of leg muscles. Sit-stand stools are a great supplemental seating option for adults and children of all sizes and fitness levels.

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