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Keyboard Trays by Mounting Surface

  • When ordering a keyboard tray, it's important to choose one that will mount to your desk easily. This is easiest on rectangular desks with nothing underneath to interfere with the keyboard tray track, but we also have trays that will mount to a corner desk and even ones that will work with a glass desk.

    Use the right and left arrows to see more about the different mounting options we have.

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  • Keyboard Trays for Rectangular Desks

    Keyboard Trays for Rectangular Desks are available in many shapes and sizes to accommodate various keyboard and mouse configurations. These keyboard trays are designed with flat front surfaces in mind, and thus do not have the extra tray depth that is frequently seen on keyboard trays for corner desks, which must extend further from the work surface for optimal positioning.

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  • Keyboard Trays for Corner Desks

    Keyboard Trays for Corner Desks are designed specifically to offer the most usable space possible when installed onto the inside of an L-shaped or curved desk. By using angled or rounded corners and extra-deep boards, these unique trays offer all the same functionality as standard keyboard trays without pushing the tray uncomfortably far from the desk surface. These trays can also be paired with a corner sleeve to accommodate a longer track as well as provide more tabletop workspace.

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  • Keyboard Trays for Glass Desks

    While most keyboard trays require drilling into the desk surface to mount a track, thus making them incompatible with most desks with glass tops, these keyboard trays for glass desks do not require any drilling and thus can be attached without issue. However, note that on keyboard trays that use a track, the track will be visible through transparent glass desktops.

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  • Chair Mounted Platforms

    Chair Mounted Platforms offer a simple way to bring your mouse and keyboard into your neutral zone by mounting directly to your chair's arm rests. This makes them an excellent option for users who cannot mount a keyboard tray to their desk or who find themselves frequently switching between workstations or have significant space restrictions.

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Learn More About Ergonomic Keyboard Trays

Choosing the right keyboard tray can be tricky. Keyboard trays come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit all types of desks and all types of keyboards, with features to meet your precise ergonomic needs. Human Solution is proud to offer a full range of top quality keyboard trays.

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