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Ergonomic Mouse Accessories

Mouse and Keyboard Platforms, Supports, and Pads

Having a quality mousing environment is every bit as important as having a mouse that allows you to work comfortably. These ergonomic mouse accessories, combined with the right mouse, can greatly improve your comfort and productivity.

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Learn More About Ergonomic Mouse Accessories

Mouse pads and keyboard wrist rests and platforms add to the benefits of an ergonomic keyboard or mouse by keeping your hands and wrists fully supported and protected. We also carry chair arm mounted mouse platforms and keyboard trays to put your keyboard and mouse as close to your body as possible, which reduces arm and wrist strain caused by reaching for components that are too far away.

We offer a variety of ergonomic mice and mouse alternatives, including vertical mice, wireless ergonomic mice, left hand ergonomic mice, hands-free mice, and mice that are Mac and PC compatible. For more information on how ergonomic mice can make you more productive and comfortable, be sure to visit our blog:

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