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Monitor Arms by Number of Monitors

  • Human Solution offers a monitor arm for just about any set-up, whether you have one monitor or six. If you have a height-adjustable desk or are considering one in the future, we recommend an arm that has fingertip-adjustability, which will make it easy for you to quickly grab your screen and move it to the most comfortable position. If you prefer a stationary or manually-adjusted mount, we've got you covered there as well.

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  • Monitor Arms, Stands & Mounts for One Monitor

    Improving your office ergonomics with a monitor arm? Good call. Our large selection of single LCD monitor mounts includes options for a variety of needs and price points.

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  • Monitor Arms, Stands & Mounts for Two Monitors

    Dual monitor arms are available in a variety of configurations, including horizontal or vertical mounting styles. Choose from our pre-configured dual monitor systems or take some time to design your own dual monitor arm built to your workspace and preferences.

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  • Monitor Arms, Stands & Mounts for Three or More Monitors

    We have a number of solutions for you if your workstation requires mounting three or more monitors. Some options are straightforward, such as monitor stands that sit directly on your desktop. Others offer several mounting options and varying degrees of adjustability, from manual height adjustment to fully-articulating, fingertip-adjustable arms. If your workstation may be changing in the future, we also have arms that you can build on, adding monitors as needed.

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