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Treadmill Desks


Treadmill desks are becoming increasingly popular, and with good reason. The science is in: all-day sitting is extremely unhealthy, and walking at work can significantly decrease your risk of developing ill health effects brought on by a sedentary lifestyle.

All of our most popular UPLIFT desks can be configured with a treadmill, to create a custom, height-adjustable treadmill desk.

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Why Choose an UPLIFT Treadmill Desk?

Ready to upgrade to an active workstation? UPLIFT Treadmill Desks pair your choice of LifeSpan treadmill with our best selling UPLIFT height adjustable desks, providing a seamless transition from sitting to walking. Studies show that by just walking a few miles a day, you lower your risk of life threatening illnesses like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

What puts UPLIFT Treadmill Desks ahead of the pack? All of our two-leg UPLIFT sit-stand desks are available with Lifespan treadmills that are specifically designed for low-speed, multi-hour walking to create treadmill desks that fit a wide range of styles and budgets. In fact, our desks start hundreds - or even thousands - of dollars cheaper than other popular brands, and every one comes with our electric height-adjustable desk, not a fixed-height standing desk or crank desk. Choose one of the basic models, or upgrade to any of our 1" thick laminate or bamboo tops, a UV-cured powder coated recycled wood desktop, or one of 11 species of hand cut and finished solid woods, customizable to the quarter inch. If you already have a standing desk, you can purchase the treadmill separately to convert it to a treadmill desk!

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Walk While Working

Stay fit while you work with an adjustable-height exercise desk from Human Solution. Treadmill desks and bike desks are designed to keep you moving throughout the workday, combating fatigue, obesity, poor circulation, increased risk for disease, and other health problems associated with prolonged sitting. The science is in, and it's hard to ignore: all-day sitting is killing us.

In addition to the considerable health benefits of walking, you'll find that the use of an adjustable-height exercise desk leaves you feeling more energized and focused, so you won't need that mid-afternoon caffeine or sugar boost. Finally, you'll likely notice an improvement in any back, neck, or shoulder pain you may have from all-day sitting. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to feel better in every way just by doing a little light walking.

Considering an Exercise Desk?

Obesity is now the number two cause of preventable death in the United States. Less than 17% of adults currently fall into the "normal BMI" range, and only 3-5% meet the minimum recommendations for physical activity. Exercise desks allow you to make a significant yet sustainable change in your lifestyle at work. These ergonomic active workstations pair our popular sit-stand desks with a treadmill or recumbent bike to provide an easy solution for staying active and fit at the workplace. Mayo Clinic researchers estimate that overweight office workers who use a treadmill desk for two or three hours per day, walking at an average of 1.5 miles per hour, can lose up to 66 pounds in one year. Walking reduces depression, lowers your risk of diabetes, cancer, depression, and heart disease, slows down the aging process, and improves cognitive abilities.

An UPLIFT Bike Desk provides a safe, low-impact way to burn calories throughout the workday. Staying active at work improves circulation and heart health, and boosts productivity and energy levels. Pedaling allows you to use some of the largest muscles in your body, your quadriceps, which stimulates muscular electrical activity and helps combat the many negative health effects of sitting all day without movement. The bike is paired with our popular UPLIFT two-leg desk, so you can alternate among sitting, standing, and biking throughout the day.

Upgrading Your Current Office Desk?

If you already have a standing desk and want to make the most out of staying healthy at work, adding a treadmill will put you on the road to increased calorie burning and reduced risk of disease. Whether you plan to walk for just a couple of hours or all throughout your workday, we have a treadmill to suit your needs. You'll be surprised at just how easy it is to walk and work. Some people are concerned that basic office tasks such as typing, dialing, or reading might be difficult to perform on a treadmill, but that's not the case. Join the active office revolution!

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