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Height Adjustable Desk Frames

Bring Your Own Top

Our ergonomic sit-stand bases allow you to go from a sitting to standing position quickly and easily. Featuring simple assembly and high weight capacities, height adjustable standing desk frames can be paired with virtually any style desktop to create a fully ergonomic sit-stand workspace.

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Transform Your Workstation - Height Adjustable Desk Frame

Build a quality custom sit-stand workstation with ease using your own desktop with these height-adjustable desk bases offered by Human Solution. These standing desk frames simply attach to the underside of any top and are ready to use immediately. A height-adjustable desk base allows for future customization as your needs change as well. Use one of our UPLIFT 2-leg frames with a small laminate top now, and use the same base if you decide to upgrade to a large, heavy duty wood top later. Base-only standing desks are an affordable, easy way to feel energized and focused at your work or home office while giving you more control over the look of your standing desk.

Height-adjustable bases allow you to access all of the benefits of periodically standing throughout the workday while giving you more room for customization by allowing you to use your own desktop. With a variety of single-leg, two-leg and three-leg options to choose from, including our preferred UPLIFT series with a telescoping width base perfect for virtually any desktop, these height-adjustable bases can turn almost any workspace into a fully height-adjustable sit-to-stand ergonomic workstation. 

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Why Choose a Standing Desk?

Our in-house ergonomist recommends standing at your workspace for at least 15 minutes every hour during an average workday. Standing burns more calories thank sitting, while increasing circulation and productivity and improving alertness. Height-adjustable desk bases come with all the hardware necessary to attach to your own existing top, turning almost any desk into a fully adjustable sit-to-stand workstation that lets you go from sitting to standing in seconds.

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