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Document Holders

Bring your tablets, books, and documents to eye level instantly. Our selection of document holders lets you work in a more ergonomically efficient posture that's healthier and more productive for you while increasing desktop organization.

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Clear the Clutter with a Document Holder

Document holders are a great solution when you need to reference papers, manuals, or books while you work. We highly recommend a copy holder if you're dealing with a lot of paperwork or data entry to reduce any strain or fatigue caused by looking back and forth from your computer.

We have document holders for use with both laptops and desktop computers, with or without magnifying line guide and height/angle adjustment, suitable for single sheets of paper or heavy books. Position your document holder in front of you, not to the left or right, to minimize neck, back, and shoulder stress. You'll instantly notice a difference in your comfort level when you're no longer craning your neck uncomfortably back and forth. With a document holder, only your eyes will move, resulting in major improvement in neck, back, and shoulder pain.

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