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UPLIFT Standing Desk Converters


    With our full line of UPLIFT standing desk converters, there's an option for everyone, from the original Riser or Clamp mounted converter for a single monitor setup, to the Adapt X for a heavy-duty or dual monitor setup, the Adapt Pogo with a dual VESA mount for monitors, and even the Adapt Mobile for laptops. While we feel that a standing desk is preferable, desk converters are the next best option if you can't lose your fixed-height desk.

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  • Clamp Mount Desk Converting

    Convert your space without the major desk overhaul. Try the Standing Desk Converter Clamp model or the Front Clamp Standing Desk Converter by UPLIFT Desk to see what a more ergo-friendly workstation can do for you. Our selection of clamp mount desk converters lets you install your converter to your desk for more stability and better working postures.

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  • Freedom to Freestand

    Our collection of freestanding desk converters by UPLIFT Desk are here to help you be more productive and comfortable. From the Standing Desk Converter Riser to the XF Standing Desk Converter, we have your back (and the rest of your body). Looking to accessorize with monitor arms or a laptop mount? Then the Adapt X is the desk addition you've been waiting for.

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  • Elevated Laptop Tasking

    Laptops are now a staple in the workplace, and with the Adapt Mobile Laptop Standing Converter you can rest yours on a stable and counterbalanced arm that comes with dual USB ports, 360 degree display rotation angle, and 270 degree pan range for more freedom to adjust your laptop's viewing angle.

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Upgrade your Current Workstation with an UPLIFT Standing Desk Converter

UPLIFT Standing Desk Converters are an ideal way to transform your current fixed height desk into a sit-stand workstation. While we do recommend switching to an adjustable height desk if possible, we understand it's not always an option. These converters sit on top of or easily attach to almost any existing desktop and their simple adjustments allow you to work better, faster.

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