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Monitor Arms by Adjustment Type

  • Most monitor arms come with either a fingertip-adjustable pneumatic or spring height adjustment option, or a less-convenient screw or knob height adjustment option. We highly recommend a pneumatic arm for ease of use and precise positioning.

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  • Pneumatic or Spring Height Adjustment

    There are many different types of monitor arms available, but if you want to make quick and easy height adjustments to your monitor, we recommend a pneumatic height adjustable monitor arm. With a pneumatic or spring height adjustable arm, you can easily make precise adjustments to the height and depth of your monitor, and also move it laterally. These include our own UPLIFT Monitor Arm, a great-looking, easily-adjustable single or dual monitor arm solution at a price point that's tough to beat.

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  • Screw or Knob Height Adjustment

    Screw or knob height adjustment is often found on heavy-duty arms with a higher weight limit, or on point-of-sale mounts where the monitor height does not need to change. Monitor height is adjusted on these arms by loosening the screw that attaches the bracket to the mounting pole and sliding the bracket up or down. If you need to change your monitor height easily, we recommend a pneumatic arm.

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