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UPLIFT Solid Wood Standing Desks


Human Solution's solid wood standing desks blend ergonomic comfort with the bold, unique and natural beauty of real wood. Our solid wood sit-stand desks are available in customizable sizes and a variety of 1.5'' thick real wood desk tops, including Cedar, Mesquite, Maple, Ash, Cherry, Walnut, Pecan, White Oak and Premium Bamboo.

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Quality and Style - Solid Wood Standing Desk

Our solid wood standing desks offer something you won't find anywhere else - a sit-stand workstation with a quality, real wood desktop. For most height-adjustable desks, the desktop itself is an afterthought to the height adjustment, and standing desks from other retailers usually come with a flimsy laminate top. For those who don't want to sacrifice aesthetics in the quest to become healthier and more productive with a standing desk, we offer these beautiful, handmade real wood tops to go along with our sturdy adjustable height desks.

Each desktop is made from unique source wood stock, and some, like our gorgeous Cedar and Mesquite tops, allow you to add even more character to your desktop by featuring the option of a more natural, bark line edge detail. Hand-crafted using eco-friendly methods and sustainable materials, these solid wood standing desks will give your home or office a style and elegance rarely seen in an adjustable-height workstation. Enjoy the solid feel and beautiful aesthetic that only a real wood top can convey, as well as the ergonomic advantages of a sit-stand workstation, with a solid wood standing desk, available only from Human Solution.

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