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Standing Desk Exercise Equipment


You're already off to a great, healthy start if you're standing up for part of the workday. You can make those health benefits even more significant by adding some exercise equipment to your standing desk, from simple balancing boards to exercise bikes. Strengthen and tone your muscles, burn more calories, and remain alert as you twist, pedal, or balance, all while maintaining a steady work flow and maximizing productivity.

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Office Exercise Tips

Get up and get fit at the office! Even if you already use an adjustable height desk, there are several stretches and office exercises you can do to improve your health. Here are some resources that will help you strengthen and tone your muscles, reduce the risk of injury and pain, and improve concentration and productivity while lessening fatigue.

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Walk While Working with a Treadmill Desk

Let's face it – it's tough to stay fit and lose weight when you're stuck at work all day. Most offices simply aren't designed for fitness. So it's up to you – yes, you – to put in the work to stay fit while you're tethered to your desk or cubicle. But don't worry, we're here to help.

For more than a decade, Human Solution has been helping people stay healthy, fit and active in the workplace by offering ergonomic tips and the best standing desks and ergonomic accessories on the market. We've even added treadmill desks to our list of active ergonomic office products. While all of these items will help you feel more alert and healthy and burn more calories at the office, it's also a good idea to incorporate stretching and office exercises into your work day.

The active workstation items listed on this page will help you get your blood pumping. Our UPLIFT line is loaded with great office exercise items that will keep you moving and stretching while burning calories and improving blood flow and posture. Check 'em out, and check out some great office exercise tips while you're here. We've gathered some great items and resources to help you make working out at the office the new normal.

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