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Storage and Organization

We have a number of storage and organization options for your height-adjustable desk. If you need a multi-drawer cabinet to store documents, you might choose a mobile pedestal from Steelcase or Conset, available in colors to match most office decor. For small accessories like pens and paper clips, the UPLIFT Half Circle Desk Drawer gives you just the right amount of space and keeps your desktop clear. Another good choice is the Pelican Sliding Drawer, which you attach to the underside of your desktop in a location of your choosing.

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Clear the Clutter and Keep Your Desk Organized

Slatwall and slatrail systems are an easy, convenient way to provide storage and shelving for your document folders, pens, telephone, and other supplies. These systems mount easily to the back of your desk or the wall, and are endlessly configurable, providing a simple way to add shelving and storage for your printer, files, coffee cup, and more. Similarly, the SOTO line from Steelcase offers stand-alone storage and organization options to keep your work area neat and your supplies in easy reach.

Keep your desktop clear and your work area organized with these great additions to your UPLIFT height-adjustable desk. Whether you need just a small accessory drawer or a complete rail system, we've got you covered. Check out the blog posts below for more information on our storage solutions:

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