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Ergonomic Stools

Ergonomic stools provide a way station between sitting and standing and have many different uses. They're easy to pick up and move around, making them perfect for collaborative work environments and they allow more movement than a traditional chair or drafting stool does, which is great for people who need to fidget and move while they work.

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Sit in Comfort on an Ergonomic Stool 

The UPLIFT Motion Stool is the perfect accessory for your standing desk, allowing you to sit, perch, or lean as you work. A generous 10" height range means that it will fit most users, and the breathable fabric seat keeps you cool and comfortable. Unlike other stools, the UPLIFT Motion Stool features a round seat, with a waterfall edge that alleviates pressure on your legs and promotes better circulation. The convex bottom allows 360 degrees of movement and tilt, to engage your core and keep you active.

For people on the go throughout the office, we recommend the Steelcase Buoy, which provides comfortable ways to sit while moving from desk to conference area, and wherever else you might go in your office. We offer many different ergonomic stools for medical professionals; the Humanscale Freedom Saddle Seat is a great stool for that work setting.

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