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Industrial Equipment Tools

Thought we were all about office ergonomics? Well, we haven't forgotten the factory floor technology that's gotten us to where we are today, or the industrial lab workers who need the best in assessment tool handling, precision, and accuracy (and know the difference between the three).

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Learn More About Ergonomic Industrial Equipment

We provide analysts everywhere with calibrated, professional-level ergonomic equipment. Whether you're getting snapshots with our stroboscopes or revving up the rotations on a tachometer, your need for speed is covered. And when it comes to calculating resistance, physical or electrical, our test stands, force gauges and multimeters will always be up to the challenge.

  • Handheld Tachometers: Handheld tachometers are perfect for measuring speeds and distances in industrial and laboratory settings. Large, easy-to-read digital displays and simple contact and contact-free laser measurement systems make accurate rotational and linear speed measurements a snap.
  • Stroboscopes: Stroboscopes enable the user to view "stopped motion", when in actuality the equipment or media is moving at a high rate of speed. Our stroboscopes are loaded with many features, including phase shifting. The digital display allows the flash rate (FPM) to be read as rotational speed measurement (RPM) or reciprocating speed for conditions where a handheld tachometer is impractical.
  • Panel Mount Tachometers: Rugged and reliable, our panel mount tachometers are designed for both the OEM and retrofit markets and are suitable for a broad range of applications. From the economical DT-5TS to the sophisticated yet affordable DT-5TX with optional output modules, Shimpo panel tachometers are engineered to meet the strictest tolerances.
  • Motorized Test Stands: Motorized test stands are designed as companion pieces to our top quality force gauges, providing complete force measurement systems for the most precise testing applications. Their all steel construction makes them remarkably rugged, while programming and cycling capabilities enable them to be highly intelligent. When used with a DFS series gauge, the user has the additional luxuries of storing measurements into the stand’s memory and computing statistics at the workstation.

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