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Keyboard Trays by Shape

  • When ordering a keyboard tray, it's important to choose a keyboard tray platform that will provide a large enough surface area to accommodate your keyboard's size and shape. Rectangular keyboard trays feature a standard shape designed to fit traditional keyboards with an attached 10-key while using a gel or foam palm rest. For natural-shaped keyboards, a natural keyboard tray will better support the curvature of the keyboard's front end.

    Use the right and left arrows to see more about the different tray shapes we have.

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  • Rectangular Keyboard Trays

    One of the best ergonomic investments is a keyboard tray. These keyboard trays lower your typing surface so that it sits closer to your lap, while also sloping your keyboard at a subtle downward (or "negative") angle. With your keyboard in this position, typing requires less arm stretching and reduces wrist extension, since your arms naturally fall to this level. This reduces tendon stress and improves overall comfort while working, which helps to increase productivity.

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  • Natural Keyboard Trays

    These Natural Keyboard Trays are designed for use with natural or wave shaped keyboards. They provide users a full range of ergonomic adjustment, allowing the keyboard to be positioned at a height for optimal comfort. For those with a wave shaped ergonomic keyboard we recommend a Natural Keyboard Tray. Please note that, due to the integrated palm supports found on most natural-shaped keyboards, natural keyboard trays will not allow for palm supports to be attached to the front of the tray.

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Learn More About Ergonomic Keyboard Trays

Choosing the right keyboard tray can be tricky. Keyboard trays come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit all types of desks and all types of keyboards, with features to meet your precise ergonomic needs. Human Solution is proud to offer a full range of top quality keyboard trays.

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