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Humanscale Liberty Chairs

The Humanscale Liberty Chair represents an evolutionary leap in the ergonomic mesh chair market. Unlike most mesh chairs, the Liberty Chair back was crafted with multiple panels of supportive structural mesh instead of single panel mesh. This creates a flexible, three-dimensional form to better match the contour of your lumbar back and provide instant, superior support for the upper and lower back.

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Humanscale Liberty Chairs

Much like the Humanscale Freedom Chair, the Humanscale Liberty Chair is free of knobs, levers or locks and instead benefits users with an automatic counter-balance recline system that automatically provides the right amount of recline tension for your body and a virtual lock that conforms to your body movements.The Liberty Chair moves with you and adjusts instantly to suit your body and your needs, leaving you free to focus on your work.

The Liberty Chair offers strong lumbar support that automatically fits you, eliminating the need for a hand-adjusted lumbar support pad. The mesh does not require external lumbar due to the fact that it doesn’t stretch like other meshes. There are three mesh pieces sewn together to create an ergonomic lumbar contour that aligns with the users back. It feels like a suit that is tailored to your back. The Liberty's intuitive features do not stop there. Please continue to explore the ergonomic benefits, features and options with the product pages below. Humanscale chairs are Manufactured in the USA.

With its automatic adjustments, padded seat cushion, supportive back, and flexible frame, the Humanscale Liberty Chair offers a wide range of users an intelligent, functional, and comfortable ergonomic seating solution from one of the most reliable brands on the market.

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