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L-Shaped and Corner Standing Desks


If you need something with a lot of surface area, we have a large selection of L-shaped adjustable height desks in many different sizes and colors, ranging from quick-ship laminate, 1" thick bamboo, and genuine Rubberwood solid wood to custom-built solid wood or laminate. We also have small corner and pedestal stand up desks to fit into tight spaces.

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L-Shaped, Corner, and One-Leg Standing Desks

L-shaped and large corner height-adjustable desks give users the option of a bigger desk, up to nearly seven feet wide on each side. Available in varying desk top sizes and colors, in either laminate or real native wood tops, these sit stand desks provide an excellent solution for those needing a larger work surface or a shared desk space.

On the other hand, if you're looking for a standing desk to fit into a small corner in your work area, we've still got you covered with our selection of small corner and pedestal desks. If you're not limited to a corner placement but still want a smaller desk, you can also check out our UPLIFT Space Saver Standing Desk.

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Considering a Large Corner Desk?

If you're thinking about a large corner stand up desk, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First, while the large surface area is a great option if it's a shared work area or if you have a lot of equipment to put on your desk, some customers find that much of the back corner space goes unused. Also consider whether you will want to convert your adjustable-height workstation into a treadmill desk at some point. Because the treadmill will always be in the way of either the long side or the return side, you'll have to move it to and from the desk each time you want to walk and work. For those who want to conserve space and retain the option of easily adding a treadmill, we recommend a 2-leg desk.

Need Something Smaller?

For an affordable height-adjustable desk solution with a smaller footprint, we offer several one-leg standing desks (also called "pedestal" "single-leg," or "single-column" desks) for users who need to fit their desk in a smaller space. We offer a variety of pedestal desk solutions to fit both your space and your budget.


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