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Drafting Chairs and Stools

Ergonomic Drafting Chairs and Stools

Drafting chairs and stools aren't just for architects and artists who work at drafting tables; they are great for anyone at a taller desk or workstation. Enjoy full range of motion while remaining supported when and where you need it the most with an ergonomic Drafting Chair or Stool to keep you working at maximum comfort levels.

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Ergonomic Drafting Chairs and Stools

Ergonomic Drafting Chairs and Stools are designed for a variety of applications. The chairs can be pulled up to taller tables and used in applications ranging from laboratories to craft studios. They can also make excellent work chairs for positions such as cashiers or receptionists, or any job that requires employees to remain at eye level with standing customers.

We also offer many alternative seating options, such as the UPLIFT Motion Stool and the Via Swopper Stool. The UPLIFT Motion Stool allows users to lean while working. You get all of the benefits of standing with less pressure on your legs. We recommend pairing this standing stool with our sit-stand desks. The Via Swopper is an excellent "supplemental chair" that we recommend people use for a portion of the workday. The springing cylinder and ball-like seat help to strengthen core muscles.

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