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Monitor Arms by Mounting Option

  • When deciding on a monitor arm, you must first consider where it will be attached to your workstation as well as the ways you will use your monitor once mounted. If you plan on attaching your monitor arm to your desk, you will likely use a clamp, grommet or bolt mount. Some other popular options include slatwall and wall mounts.

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  • Monitor Arms with Clamp Mounts

    A monitor arm with a clamp mount is one of the most popular mounting options since it is not a permanent installation in your desk. The clamp mount grips to the edge of your desk, sandwiching your desk surface tightly with rubber pads that keep your surface from scratching and providing a stable yet easily detachable solution.

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  • Monitor Arms with Bolt and Grommet Mounts

    Bolt mounts and grommet mounts are highly secure mounting options for all types of monitor arms. Bolt mounts require a small hole (size varies by monitor arm) to be drilled into the surface of the desk, whereas grommet mounts require a larger, pre-drilled hole. Bolt mounts and grommet mounts are semi-permanent but highly stable, and allow you to bring the monitor closer to you than a clamp mount would allow.

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  • Monitor Arms with Wall and Slatwall Mounts

    Most wall-mounted monitor arms include a full range of depth adjustment, but minimal height adjustment. Some offices come equipped with specialty slatwall systems, onto which accessories can be mounted. Each of the monitor arms in this section are offered with an option for a wall or slatwall mount. Be aware, however, that not all slatwalls are the same, so please make sure that your slatwall is compatible with each mount before placing your order! Careful note of the monitor arm's maximum weight should be taken to prevent damage to your wall or an arm incompatible with your display.

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