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Ergonomic Keyboard Accessories

There are a variety of accessories available for ergonomic keyboard users who wish to improve either the functionality or the ergonomics of their keyboard. While an ergonomic keyboard is a great start, adding one of these accessories is the perfect way to improve upon its benefits.

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Why Use Ergonomic Keyboard Accessories?

Palm rests give you more comfort and support for the times when you're not typing. Also, since most ergonomic keyboards remove the numeric keypad to cut down on the keyboard's footprint as well as your reach, both Goldtouch and Kinesis carry low force numeric keypads for users who need to make calculations often and efficiently. For Kinesis Freestyle2 users, there are several accessories designed to tent your keyboard at varying degrees of slope, including the V3 for tenting, the VIP3 with integrated palm supports, or the Ascent, which can angle the split a full 90 degrees.

An ergonomic keyboard is a wise investment for any person who spends his or her day working on a computer. Design features such as a split key set, adjustable tenting angles, low force keys, and arched typing surfaces make typing less stressful while improving productivity. For more information on how ergonomic keyboards can make you more comfortable, be sure to visit our blog:

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