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UPLIFT Desk Replacement Parts

Do you want to convert an older UPLIFT Sit-Stand Desk to a keypad with one-touch height adjustment? Want to change desktops and need new components to go with it? Have you decided to upgrade from a 2-leg desk to a 3-leg or 4-leg? Or do you just need a replacement part for your UPLIFT Desk? No matter what, we've got you covered, with replacements available for any part of the UPLIFT Desk.

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Common Replacements

Please note that this page has parts for the T-frame UPLIFT 900 Sit-Stand Desk and the C-Frame model. Most parts are interchangeable, but if you are ordering feet or side brackets, please ensure that you are choosing the correct part. Are you not sure which replacement parts you need to order? Call us at 1-800-531-3746 or visit our live chat and an ergonomics expert will be happy to help!"

Here are some common reasons why customers are ordering parts, and which parts they need.

  • One-Touch Memory Settings - Older UPLIFT Desk models require you to press and hold the memory button to adjust the desk to one of your saved heights. Newer models can make this adjustment with just a push and release of the button. If you want to upgrade your desk, you will need to order the UPLIFT Desk One-Touch Control Box and UPLIFT Desk One-Touch Keypad
  • Converting your desk to a narrower desktop - If you are reducing the width from left to right of your desktop and find that your current frame is too wide, you will want to order the UPLIFT Desk Short Crossbar End.
  • Reducing the depth of your desktop - By the same measure, if you are re-attaching your UPLIFT Base to a shallower desktop, with less length from front to back, and do not want to the feet to stick out, you may want to switch to the UPLIFT Desk Short Foot, which are 24'' long.

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