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Most Popular Ergonomic Keyboards

Each of the features of our most popular ergonomic keyboards are aimed at keeping your hands at an angle to combat wrist pronation, are equipped with low-force keys, and most do away with the traditional number pad typically located to the far right to reduce strain. The goal here is to keep your arms and hands in their most natural, neutral position to prevent the occurrence of strain, pain, or serious injury caused by standard, flat keyboards that seem to champion wrist pronation.

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Learn More About Ergonomic Keyboards

Our most popular ergonomic keyboards have found their way to the top by offering adjustments that combat common typing-related injuries such as carpal tunnel and repetitive strain injuries (RSI). Wrist pronation is the most common cause of typing-related strain, but poor typing posture can also lead to pain in your fingers up to your elbow and even into your shoulders and back. With features including tilt, angle, and tent adjustments, our popular ergonomic keyboards give you the freedom to supplement your comfort when and how you see fit.

What's more, each of these ergonomic keyboards are equipped with low-impact keys and have discarded the number pad to minimize the fatigue typically experienced when typing for prolonged periods. Soft keys minimize the strain placed on the joints in your fingers, and most eschew the number pad drastically reduces shoulder and back pain while mousing outside of your neutral posture. If you are experiencing any sort of pain as a result of typing, our selection of most popular ergonomic keyboards have been designed to make an immediate impact on your well-being throughout the day.

An ergonomic keyboard is a wise investment for any person who spends his or her day working on a computer. Design features such as a split key set, adjustable tenting angles, low force keys, and arched typing surfaces make typing less stressful while improving productivity. For more information on how ergonomic keyboards can make you more comfortable, be sure to visit our blog:

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