Mobo Ergonomic Workstation - Chair Mounted Keyboard Tray (Discontinued)

The Mobo Ergonomic Workstation Chair Mounted Keyboard Tray attaches to most chairs with open or T-shaped arms up to 4" wide and less than 2.5" deep at the ends

The Mobo Ergonomic Workstation - Chair Mounted Keyboard Tray has been discontinued. For a similar product, please visit our sister site and view the Keyboard Tray System Builder page.

Ergonomics is evolving fast, and where there is more comfortable typing, we want to deliver it to you. Introducing the Mobo Ergonomic Workstation - Chair Mounted Keyboard Tray, which keeps you tasking within your neutral reach zone by attaching to your chair's armrests for optimal comfort while typing and mousing.

Improve your posture and stave off arm and wrist strain with this revolutionary keyboard workstation by Mobo.


  • Mounts to most chairs with open or T-shaped arms up to 4" wide and less than 2.5" deep at the ends
  • Keyboard tray surface surface is measured 22" x 12.5" and is slightly arched away from the user
  • Suitable for notebooks, keyboards, mice, and similar accessories
  • Made with heavy-duty polymer construction for strength and durability
  • Promotes proper ergonomic positioning
  • Helps reduce or eliminate stress on back, shoulders, neck, and arms
  • Made in the USA


Keyboard tray surface 22" x 12.5"
Fits chair armrests Up to 4" wide and up to 2 3/4" tall

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  • 3

    Posted by anon on Aug 26th 2014

    product relieved shoulder & neck pain
    arm rests should be padded to avoid pain in elbows

  • 5
    Pain relieved!

    Posted by Jon on May 25th 2013

    This has been the answer to eliminating the pain in my right arm and neck. I code medical records 8 hrs a day at a 30 yr old desk. There was no room for a sliding keyboard tray. Then, I found the MOBO. I paid for it out of my own funds. Once the pain went away, my manager had a workstation ergonomic review done. The orthopedic nurse approved the MOBO as treatment for my pain and the hospital reimbursed me. The hospital added the MOBO to their list of approved orthopedic/ergonomic solutions.
    I agree with other reviews that the armrests need to be padded. I added gel armrests. I've been using it 5 days a week for a year and have had no more problems with pain. I bought a second unit for personal use..

  • 4

    Posted by Francis on Jan 4th 2013

    Really cool product, easy to install and could fit on almost any kind if chair arm.

    I got what i was looking for and I would recommand it to anyone.

  • 5
    Elbow ache Solution

    Posted by KJ Kraning on Mar 22nd 2012

    I love the product idea and want it to work. The tray not having anyway to clip on is bothersome and the lack of padding was really hurting my elbows. I love the placement and the idea of this tray and my "mouse shoulder" (tension caused by reaching mouse) is dissipating.

    This may sound like tape on-hornrimmed-glasses of a solution, but I put VOLLEYBALL KNEEPADS on the armrests and it is PERFECT! Now my elbows aren't hurting from the lack of padding, AND my chair is sporty. :) (this wouldn't work with round chair arms, only the t-shaped ones).

  • 3
    Good idea but needs some upgrades

    Posted by Keyboard Wizard on Mar 10th 2012

    This was a good idea but does still need some work. Was disappointed that it was all plastic, especially for the price. I am a transcriptionist so type 8 hours a day. Also could use some padding on the arms. My elbows hurt after a while from resting on the hard plastic. Love the idea of having the keyboard across the arms of my chair so I don't have to reach and there's also nothing to hit my knees on. My legs are pretty long so I normally hit the adjustment knobs under the keyboard trays. Overall, I like the product but would probably not buy another one for this price if it wasn't upgraded.

  • 3
    Works well for me. However...

    Posted by Warren Yamashita on Feb 21st 2012

    The Mobo Ergonomic Workstation works well for me. They fold up fine so I can still use my other keyboard tray as I use a laptop and a desktop during the workday.

    A couple of things I would like to see changed or have as accessories. I would like to see a wider tray. The tray sits on top of the arms, which is fine because there are rubber feet. However, my chair is a bit wider so I wish they had a wider tray available - one where the mouse pad was on the tray along with the laptop.

    The other accessory I would like, or maybe enhancement, would be to have padding on the arm rests. My elbows start to hurt after a while. I have put padding there myself, but it would be nice if it was an option to have it built-in.

  • 2
    Mobo Workstation

    Posted by Norm Lorenz on Jul 19th 2011

    Ergonomic it is not. Neat design but not ergo enough. Look at the photo. The keyboard and mouse hand are both tilting up at the wrist, putting a strain on the wrists. In addition, only one of the woman's arms is supported by the chair arms. Both of the woman's arms should be supported by the chair arms.
    The keyboard should even be positioned in decline towards the computer for less stress on the wrists.
    I've had carpal tunnel release surgery on both hands. I've been through the pain, the surgery, the hard casts, the soft wrist guards, and still sleep with wrist guards. I've taken ergo safety courses too, so I'm not blowing smoke.
    You're so close. I bought two units. With modifications this will be a much better system than I am currently using. It's a great idea but doesn't go far enough to complete the job.
    Do you provide a shorter keyboard tray? The unit you sent doesn't work for thinner people with smaller chairs. The keyboard table doesn't fit on chair arms that are closer together than the tray provided. The keyboard tray is too long for that type of usage. It may have to be cut down to work. One arm is not supported by a chair arm when your system is assembled as shown for shorter people.

  • 4
    Innovative solution that needs some tweaks

    Posted by Dave Cheung on Jun 5th 2011

    Love the ergonomics. Other reviewer is right: side arm is small for a mouse, but perfect for a trackball or magic trackpad. My keyboard kept slipping while reclining on my chair. I added some rubber shelf liner and that works great. Side arms are so hard so use some old slippers on top. With some tweaks this could be a 5-star item, but as it is there's a few things that need to be done to make it comfortable for heavy computing.

  • 3
    Mobo Workstation

    Posted by Jennifer on Apr 19th 2011

    If you have the correct chair type, this can be a very useful product. It depends on how adjustable the chair is and how well it works with the individual using it. It is pretty sturdy, but we found that some of our chairs, it doesn't fit real well, especially the smaller chairs. It doesn't provide enough space for someone to sit comfortably.

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