UPLIFT Laminate Height Adjustable Desk

60" x 30" maple GREENGUARD-certified laminate desktop

Greenguard-Gold Certified Laminate Desktops

It's your choice of several different Greenguard-Gold Certified laminate finishes on your UPLIFT V2 Laminate Standing Desk. At 1" thick, these durable desktops are made from eco-friendly, recycled MDF. Outfit your desk in black or white—or if you're a fan of woodgrain, choose from walnut, maple, cherry, or ash gray finishes.

Greenguard-Gold Certification ensures that these desktops have been tested for chemical emissions, meaning these tops have met the standards set by seven different regulating bodies, ensuring your desk is safe for you and your indoor air quality.

What Sets UPLIFT Desk Apart?

When you're looking for a sit-stand desk that can help you accomplish more throughout the day, look no further than the UPLIFT V2 Laminate Standing Desk.

The designers at UPLIFT Desk took their most popular desk frame and made it even better. Work with improved stability at all heights, safety during movement, reliability you can trust, and a new versatile desk design complete with built-in mounting points. Make your desk your own by installing desk accessories directly to your UPLIFT V2 Frame. With this much freedom, you can now truly create the height adjustable workstation of your dreams.

When you invest in an UPLIFT Desk, you get all of this and more:

    • Both the UPLIFT V2 Frame and UPLIFT V2-Commercial Frame are rugged and built to last, and are certified by the ANSI/BIFMA X5.5-2021 durability standard
    • Patented mounting points built right into the frame give you 48 dedicated spots to attach UPLIFT Desk accessories
    • 3-stage legs that allow you to adjust for height 33% faster than desks with 2-stage legs
    • Dual motors, one in each leg, can easily haul up to 355 lb
    • Added anti-collision technology prevents your desk from continuing to move if it comes into contact with people or objects
    • 15 year warranty on all parts of the frame, as well as any electrical or mechanical components
    • Quiet motors make only 48 dB of sound when making height adjustments

The UPLIFT V2 Frame and the UPLIFT V2-Commercial Frame

The UPLIFT V2 Frame features a height range of 25.5" - 51.1" with a 1" desktop installed. This popular frame is remarkably sturdy, quiet, and comes with advanced features found in UPLIFT V2 desks alone. This frame was even selected as the "Best Standing Desk" by Wirecutter.

The UPLIFT V2-Commercial Frame features a height range of 22.6" - 48.7" with a 1" desktop installed. It also has a lower starting height, a lower max height, and a wider overall height range than the UPLIFT V2 Frame. This contract-grade frame meets and exceeds ANSI/BIFMA durability standards, while also meeting the ANSI/BIFMA G1-2013 height standard, a standard required by many of the world's largest companies.

The UPLIFT V2-Commercial Frame also supports ideal ergonomic working postures (pdf) for 5th percentile females through 95th percentile males, in both seated and standing positions.

Patented Mounting Points for Accessories

Although you might be admiring it for its sleek design, it's what's inside and hidden from view that will change how you think about what sit-stand desks can do. Four dozen independent, patented mounting points let you use your desk in a whole new set of ways with our growing collection of desk accessories. Now you can attach accessories directly to your desk frame, letting you adapt your desk to your exact needs.

With accessories planned for release like desk extensions, CPU holders, and power strips—and even fun accessories like an under-desk hammock—your desk will be ready for pretty much anything and everything.

A quick note: the hammock is only compatible with the UPLIFT V2 Frame. It’s not compatible with the UPLIFT V2-Commercial Frame due to the fact that it interferes with its stability crossbar.

Unlock All of Your Desk's Features with the Advanced Keypad

When you upgrade to the Advanced Keypad, not only do you save time by not having to hold down buttons—you get to enjoy extra features, too.

Work will feel seamless when adjusting your desk thanks to quick one-touch adjustments on the Advanced Keypad's four programmable buttons. Switch between sitting, standing, perching, and all of your postures in a few seconds, giving you the perfect amount of time to move your chair.

Anti-collision sensitivity and keypad child lock are two improved safety features that were added to the UPLIFT V2 to make sure your desk provides only the safest height adjustments. If your desk does come into contact with people or objects, it will stop quickly and slightly reverse, allowing you to remove whatever was in the way. Keypad child lock lets you lock your desk's height, a feature that really comes in handy when there are little ones nearby.

You'll also have the ability to set your desk's maximum and minimum heights, preventing your desktop from knocking into shelves above or file cabinets below.

And to reduce distractions at your desk and in your area, you'll appreciate the Advanced Keypad's auto-dark LED display, which dims the keypad to distraction-free darkness 10 seconds after you press a button.

Stand Up Desk Instructions & Specifications

Frame Height range UPLIFT V2 Frame: 24.3" - 49.9" H (25.3" - 50.9" H with 1" desktop)
UPLIFT V2-Commercial Frame: 21.6" - 47.2" H (22.6" - 48.2" H with 1" desktop, which meets BIFMA height requirement)
Travel height UPLIFT V2 Frame: 25.6" of travel
UPLIFT V2-Commercial Frame: 26.1" of travel
Travel speed 2" per second with soft start/stop actuator motors, depending on load
Noise level Less than 48 decibels during motion, silent when not in motion
Desktop thickness 1" thick
Base width Accommodates desktops from 42" - 80" W
Lifting capacity 355 lb
Keypad Advanced one-touch digital memory keypad is available, push and hold up/down keypad is standard
Adjustable foot-leveling
3/8" adjustment for uneven flooring
Electrical input 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz (400W max)
ANSI/BIFMA X5.5-2021 Durability Certification UPLIFT V2 and UPLIFT V2-Commercial Frame both passed ANSI/BIFMA X5.5-2021 Durability Standard Testing (passed all applicable sections 4.3, 4.4, 4.6, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 15, and 18)
ANSI/BIFMA G1-2013 Height Standard UPLIFT V2-Commercial Frame is ANSI/BIFMA G1-2013 Height Standard compliant.
Click here (pdf) to learn what that means
CAN/CGSB 44.227-2008E certification Canadian desktop deflection specification compliant with section 6.6.1/8.4 Surface Deflection
Electrical certifications UL (U.S. & Canada): Lifting Column, Power Cord, & Control Box
Patent number The following U.S. Patents apply to this product, Patent No.: US 11,109,672 B2
Warranty 15 year all-inclusive warranty on entire desk base: motor frame, controller, keypad, electronics, and mechanisms included. Extension to 12 years available.

* Using the advanced 1-touch digital memory keypad is as simple as the push of a button. Four programmable buttons let you choose and set the best sitting and standing heights for you, even for multiple users. Or simply use the up/down buttons to get to that sit-to-stand sweet spot.

UPL921 UPLIFT V2 Laminate Standing Desk FAQs

  1. How will this desktop hold up?

    Laminate is a reliable and sturdy material that holds up well over time. Designed with durability in mind, our laminate options are affordable desktops that allow you to get the look of real wood for a fraction of the price.

  2. Isn't laminate a little dated?

    Although laminate furniture has been around for a few decades, times are changing. We work with our designers to create only the most stylish and eye-catching desktops to pair with your UPLIFT V2 Frame. We exclusively offer Wilsonart certified laminates, which come with some of the most diverse finish options around, so you can pick the exact finish that matches your personality and office style.

  3. What are these desktops made out of?

    The laminate we use is composed of thermally-fused melamine laminate over 45 lb density E-1 rated particle board core, and comes with a 3 mm PCV edge banding for a clean and seamless look around the edges. All of the layers of the are fused under extremely high pressure to form a solid surface that's durable enough to withstand years of work. And at a full inch thick, our desktops are much thicker than the laminate desktop thicknesses offered by our competitors.

  4. Why isn't my whiteboard desktop erasing completely?

    We have found that black dry erase markers tend to perform the best on these desktops. If any residue or ghosting is left behind after erasing the desktop, use Expo White Board Cleaner. If that doesn't remove all of the residue, try 70% isopropyl alcohol. You can also write over the unerased portion with another dry erase marker, let it dry, and then erase it.

  5. Is this desk suitable for sewing?

    Yes, our laminate desks are great for sewing and crafting.

  6. Can I add my own desktop to this?

    Yes, you can install your own desktop to the UPLIFT V2 Frame (pdf).

  7. Will I need more than one person to put my desk together?

    You should be able to assemble the desk frame and attach it to the desktop solo. However, you will need two people to safely turn the desk right-side up after assembly.

You rely on your desk to take you to that next level of work in the office. When you're ready to work at a desk that rises to your expectations, we give to you the UPLIFT V2 Laminate Standing Desk. Wirecutter winner in "Best Standing Desk" category in 2019-2020 and in 2020-2021., this desk raises the bar on efficiency, stability, and innovation, giving you a desk that does more.

And when it comes to durability, affordability, and quality, our Greenguard-Gold Certified laminate desktops don't disappoint and come in a wide variety of styles to match your space.

Work better knowing that when you invest in an UPLIFT Desk, you're getting the most advanced sit-stand desk available.

Learn more (pdf) about both the UPLIFT V2 Frame and the UPLIFT V2-Commercial Frame—and to compare the differences between them.

This product is available for purchase on

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  • 5
    Everything I wanted

    Posted by John on Jan 21st 2017

    I work from home with periodic trips into my company's office. They set up a floating office for remote workers like me who venture in now and then. In the office is a sit / stand desk (not UPLIFT) and as I have used it, I have come to love it. When I decided to buy one for my home office, I decided on UPLIFT and I have not been disappointed. It did arrive in 3 total shipments on 2 separate days, and I called customer service after the first delivery did not include the desktop. They could not have been easier to deal with, and assured me they would have a second top sent the following day as they could not locate the package. The original top did arrive a day later. Assembly was simple, but it did take a bit of open space. It took less than an hour to put together.

    It functions flawlessly and my neck and back are both very happy with this decision. This is a solid, stable, quality desk that I am sure I will use for many years.

    Easy to assemble

    Cons: None yet

  • 5
    Great Desk!!

    Posted by Wendy on Dec 30th 2016

    I love my UPLIFT Eco desk. I called the Human Solution to see if I could get a desk without holes. They were more than willing to accommodate this request. I use my desk really as a sewing table. I can put my sewing machine on it, my cutting mat and I made some ironing boards I can just sit on top. The table is very stable even at the highest settings. It has 4 settings and as long as you keep it plugged in, it remembers. I adjust it to EXACTLY the right height for whatever task I am doing. I purchased the wheels and can move it around anywhere in the room. The wheels lock easily to secure the table postion in the room. This is the best table/desk I have ever had. I can do so much on it. Extremely happy with this purchase!! I would recommend this desk to anyone.

    Pros: Adjustable. Rolling wheels to move it around. Great company willing to customize. Very versatile table for any use - office desk, sewing table or anything else. Just get it!

  • 5
    very pleased

    Posted by Chris F on Sep 20th 2016

    Overall I am very happy with my 48x24 uplift desk. A former employer had sit/stand desks with a similar design but that had a cross brace between the legs; I was concerned about lateral stability but I find this desk to be rock solid at any height. The installation was pretty easy, although I was surprised that I had to drill my own holes for the keyboard tray. The single monitor arms have a huge range of motion that give me many options. I also got the cable management kit that really helps with cable clutter.

    Pros: See the above plus you don't have to keep your finger on the pre-set height (memory) buttons until the desk reaches it's remembered height. You just push it once and the desk goes to the desired height on its own.
    Cons: No pre-drilled holes for the drop-down keyboard tray or the half circle desk drawer but installation was pretty easy - just don't drill too deep! Also, I could not install the keyboard slider without removing one of the installation screws (middle one) on the slider tray. That was a gap in the instructions. It was easy enough to remove, then re-install after the slider was put in.

  • 5
    Great desk, truly commercial grade

    Posted by Jeff on Jul 18th 2016

    I order an uplift desk for my home office. I have been using if for 6 weeks and it is really great. I looked at several different providers online and in some furniture stores. The desk looks great, is very solid, functions better than expected. The desk is of equal quality and function as in my business office. The price is very reasonable particularly when you take into account the function and quality. Assembly instructions could be a little more clearly document. It does take a little time and it helps to have an extra pair of hands. But once you get the hang of it and figure out how to interpret the instructions, it gets easier. My wife likes the desk so much we have ordered a second one for her office.

    One thing, I would not order the circular pullout drawer again. It is not very good, particularly compared with the rest of the desk.

    Sit stand mechanism is very good.
    Looks great.
    Solid Construction.

    Cons: Assembly instructions could be better.

  • 5
    A Winner!

    Posted by Jon on Mar 24th 2016

    This desk is superb! I am employed at a very prestigious university in the Northeast and tasked with procuring a variety of equipment for faculty & staff (some of whom are very particular.) I have ordered several of the UPLIFT Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desk from the Human Solution for many of our professors and administrators and have received nothing but positive feedback from everyone who has received this product and not once have had a complaint. The online ordering process is very simple and straight forward and during the times I have had to call the company the customer service has always been very professional and helpful. The desk itself is easy to assemble and functions flawlessly. The materials used are durable and the finishes are on par with other desk I have purchased in the past costing twice as much or more. I cannot say enough great things about this product and company and will purchase more of these desk in the future.

    Cons: Absolutely none I can think of

  • 5
    Great desk

    Posted by now a standing desk enthusiast on Feb 2nd 2016

    This desk was easy to put together and works beautifully. The single negative was that the sticky cable clips lasted about 36 hours. I will have to find another solution. The desk itself still received five stars.

  • 5
    Great Desk. Excellent Customer Service.

    Posted by M on Oct 29th 2015

    The desks are nice. The deskts were easy for me assemble. Launched the screws with normal screwdriver and rachet set. Then I used a Cordless Drill with 1/4in socket driver and sockets and phillips driver head to finish tightening the screws.

    Customer Service
    Some of the pieces were damaged in shipping. I reported this and submitted pictures of the damage. They settled things--replaced damaged items.

    Instructional video on the site needed updating. (Aug. 2015)

  • 5
    Full Sized Desk For Video Editing Suite

    Posted by Jason Williams on Apr 4th 2015

    I purchased the desk with the biggest desktop that The Human Solution sells. On the desk I fit two large monitors, speakers, keyboard, Wacom tablet, a space for a notebook, and there is room to spare. The desk rises smoothly up and down with very little noise. I recommend this desk for video professionals.

  • 5
    The Most Solid Piece of Furniture we Own

    Posted by Vivian on Mar 8th 2015

    Our son is only 8 years old, but we didn't want to buy him children's furniture that we would throw out in 3 or 4 years. So we invested in an Uplift desk that would last him until he leaves for college. He likes the fact that he can sit at it, or stand when he is feeling antsy playing with his electronics. We were impressed at how incredibly solid this desk is. The height mechanism works smoothly, and all of the pieces required for assembly are of high quality.

    Pros: The surface is roomier than most other desks we looked at. We bought a bright white top that matches our son's bedroom for now. I like the fact that if we change his bedroom furniture when he is a teenager, it will be straightforward and not too expensive to switch out the top for a different color. I appreciated the video instructions on how to assemble the desk. I'm not very handy at all, so it took me close to 3 hours to figure everything out, but it was do-able with an electric drill.

    Cons: Once assembled, this desk is VERY heavy. We followed instructions and assembled it upside down. Fortunately we live in a condo with staff, because you need 2 strong men to turn this over to its standing position once it's put together.

Resetting Your Desk

Most desk issues can be solved quickly by following the UPLIFT Desk reset and troubleshooting instructions page. These steps can be completed in just a few minutes. If you still need assistance, please visit the UPLIFT Desk Contact page.

UPLIFT Desk Warranty Policy

We stand firmly behind the quality of our products. All UPLIFT Desk products come with a 15 Year Warranty, visit the UPLIFT Desk Warranty page for the full policy.

Return Policy

Free Returns with Free Return Shipping within 30 days, visit the UPLIFT Desk Returns page for the full policy.

Starting Price
$569.00 List Price: $899.00
Ships Free (US 48)
Ships same business day if ordered by 3pm Central

UPLIFT Laminate Height Adjustable Desk

You rely on your desk to take you to that next level of work in the office. When you're ready to work at a desk that rises to your expectations, we give to you the UPLIFT V2 Laminate Standing Desk. Wirecutter's top choice in the "Best Standing Desk" category, this desk raises the bar on efficiency, stability, and innovation, giving you a desk that does more.

And when it comes to durability, affordability, and quality, our Greenguard-Gold Certified laminate desktops don't disappoint and come in a wide variety of styles to match your space.

Work better knowing that when you invest in an UPLIFT Desk, you're getting the most advanced sit-stand desk available.

This product is available for purchase on

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