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Kinesis Maxim Split Adjustable Keyboard

item#: KIN210

The Kinesis Maxim Adjustable Split Keyboard offers an award winning design and is the only ergonomic keyboard licensed to use Microsoft's combo USB and PS/2 technology. Scroll down for more Kinesis Maxim Keyboard details and specifications.

Kinesis Freestyle2 Adjustable Split Keyboard for PC
List Price: $99.00
Our Price: $89.00
Kinesis Freestyle2 Ergonomic Keyboard for Mac
List Price: $109.00
Our Price: $98.00
Kinesis Freestyle2 Blue, Multichannel Bluetooth Keyboard for PC
List Price: $119.00
Our Price: $99.00

The Kinesis Maxim Split Adjustable Keyboard was PC Magazine's editor's choice for 2004, and the Maxim has won many other awards based on its flexibility and its comfort. This is a great keyboard to consider if you want your keyboard halves to splay and tent, but stay connected to a solid base without the need for any keyboard accessories.

Features - Kinesis Maxim Keyboard

  • Traditional QWERTY layout
  • Variable split that allows you to select any opening between 0 and 30 degrees, a wider angle than most standard keyboards
  • Adjustable lateral tilt allows you to select either 8 or 14 degrees, offering more than twice the tilt of the Microsoft natural keyboards: this means you will minimize forearm muscle tension without the pitfalls of excessive tilt
  • Smaller footprint allows you to place your mouse closer to your keyboard so you can work in your neutral zone; the width on the Maxim, even when opened to the maximum point, is still narrower than the new narrow Microsoft Natural Elite
  • Removable palm supports are comfortably padded
  • Quiet, tactile switches provide a soft touch and positive feedback

The Maxim Keyboard is also compatible with the Kinesis Numeric keypad for those who prefer a separate numeric keypad.

Technical Specifications

Height 1"
Width 15.1" closed, 19" when opened to maximum angle
Depth 6.5" without palm rests, 10.3" with palm rests
Compatibility PC only
USB cable 6 ft
Drivers No special drivers necessary
Warranty Limited 2 year

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Customer Reviews

Kinesis Maxim Split Adjustable Keyboard
4.5 Stars based on 8 Review(s)
Kristi H
5 Stars

My tried and true keyboard
June 30, 2014
It's about time I reviewed this, as it's been my keyboard for 14 years and I've recommended it countless times to my editing colleagues. I discovered it after I bought a new PC in 2000 and the keyboard had an added strip of useless (to me) gaming/surfing keys on the right, and I soon felt the strain of remote mousing in my right arm. I keep the separate numeric keypad on the left, where I can use all the navigation functions with Num Lock off, and my mouse on the right side is nice and close. When I do numeric entry (for bookkeeping) I swing the numeric pad over to the right. I use the hand rest pads (the foam is thin but adequate, and expect it to darken from the oils in your hands). My first Maxim lasted about 10 years before the right Space bar wore out, and I promptly bought another Maxim and numeric pad. Highly recommended.

Robin B
5 Stars

Only Keyboard for Me
March 22, 2012
Have been using this for over 3 years and totally love it. Stopped all the shoulder pain. Now I find it hard to type on a regular keyboard. With this and my vertical mouse, life is good!

Mark B
5 Stars

Best Keyboard in the World
March 2, 2012
I've used a Maxim for 3 years now after trying just about everything else. The key travel and "clickiness", the adjustability, the wrist rest and the layout are perfect. While $125 seems like a lot to spend, these keyboards are really built to last a *long* time. The lack of a keypad might be an issue if you are a data entry clerk (although a separate keypad is available). But there is a reason for that: if you add that extra space, you place the mouse further away and increase the probability of shoulder problems (that's why I originally bought the kinesis - I was having shoulder problems due to mouse use too far from my body). The navigation keys on the right are actually very intuitive and I adapted to them very quickly.

5 Stars

My top choice
January 11, 2011
I've used this keyboard for many years, since I hurt my wrists using a standard (not split or tilted) keyboard. My company would buy me any keyboard I want, and this is the one for me. Comfortable, quiet, ergonomic. My old one finally died, and I'm ordering a new one asap.

Jamie Hill
3 Stars

Kinesis Maxim
March 17, 2010
I loved the easy touch and the overall concept of the design. The adjustable split feature was great. The main problem I had, because I am a transcriptionist and used to the standard keyboard, was the keys on the right side, the insert, delete, home and end keys being repositioned. I could not get used to it. I would love to see a keyboard that has no learning curve but still has the ergonomic features the Maxim has to offer.

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