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Sit Stand Seating

Extend the benefits of your height adjustable standing desk, by pairing it with a sit-stand seating option. These sit-to-stand chairs and stools keep legs fresh. Users can shift their weight and rest periodically while standing, enabling users to stand for longer durations. A stool such as the Varier Move Stool allows users to lean in a variety of standing positions throughout the day, activating a majority of leg muscles.

Sit-to-stand chairs are a great supplemental seating option for adults and children of all sizes and fitness levels.


Video Review - Varier Move Stool

The Varier Move Stool features a contoured bottom that allows you to lean at various angles, giving your leg muscles a low-impact exercise as you work.

See the unique Varier Move Stool in action. Also, be sure to check out the Varier Move Child's Stool, recommended for younger or smaller users.