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Ergonomic Keyboard

An ergonomic keyboard will allow you to stay comfortable while typing, and prevent strain injuries that are caused by repetitive motion. Normal keyboards are not designed with the human body in mind. They require you to angle your wrists in unnatural positions, which over time can result in damage to tendons and ligaments.

We offer a full line of the best ergonomic keyboards, as chosen by our staff of ergonomic experts. Choose the design that works for you, from split keyboards, natural keyboards, ergonomic travel keyboards, and more.

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For many people, the keyboard is the center of their workspace, and the work day is often designed around using it. Shouldn't you have a keyboard designed around you instead? Studies have shown that using a normal keyboard over long periods of time can cause damage to tendons and ligaments in your wrist and forearm due to pronation, as their design forces you to repeatedly angle your wrists unnaturally.

An ergonomic keyboard is a wise investment for any person who spends his or her day working on a computer. Design features such as a split key set, adjustable tenting angles, low force keys, and arched typing surfaces make typing less stressful while improving productivity. For more information on how ergonomic keyboards can make you more comfortable, be sure to visit our blog:

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