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Most Popular Stand Up Desks

Below is a selection of the most popular stand up desks offered by The Human Solution. The most popular of these is our UPLIFT Desk, the #1 standing desk solution. These high quality, ergonomist approved stand up desks allow users to easily switch between sitting and standing throughout the workday.

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Offering the Most Popular Stand Up Desk Brands

Standing Desks help our customers stay more focused, productive and healthy as they work. Changing positions and standing for part of the day helps users burn more calories, stay more focused and energetic, and improve blood flow for a healthier working lifestyle. If you're in the market for a height-adjustable workstation, all the options can be overwhelming, so we've gathered together our customers' favorite standing desks and put them all in one place to narrow down the choices.

Our most popular electric stand up desks are available in several different models, including natural solid wood tops made in Texas or laminate tops. Whether you're looking for an exercise desk, a complete standing desk package, or something budget-friendly, we have a customer-endorsed option for you! The selection of desks you see above consists of the best of the best in standing desks. Most of them are electric with a two-leg base, because this standard configuration works best for most people. In case you specifically need it, we have also included our most popular L-shaped sit-stand options.

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