25 Reasons UPLIFT Desk is #1

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  1. We're the designer and manufacturer - Our design team is made up of experts including a certified professional ergonomist and a highly qualified group of engineers. This means we can provide better support and sell at a lower price. No middlemen here! UPLIFT Desks are designed, assembled and packaged in Austin, Texas.
  2. Our exclusive, handcrafted real wood and bamboo tops - For the most natural and beautiful desk, you can opt for our two-leg or three-leg desks with solid wood desktops. Our woodworkers handcraft each top to order and custom cut them to any size and shape you want. You won't find handmade tops with this thickness, quality and workmanship anywhere else.
  3. Complete customization - In addition to custom-cut solid wood, we can also cut our custom laminate tops to whatever size or shape you need. We offer an extensive selection of Wilsonart premium laminates, covering virtually any pattern or color you’re looking for. You can further customize your desk by adding the specific accessories that would work best for you.
  4. 30-day return policy for a full refund - We're confident you'll love your UPLIFT Desk. If not, we're here to help. We stand behind our UPLIFT Desks with a 30-Day satisfaction guarantee on UPLIFT Desk frames and standard laminate tops. Try it for 30 days, risk free. In the unlikely event you are not happy with your UPLIFT Desk, we invite you to return it for a full refund within 30 days of receiving the shipment. White glove delivery and installation fees are non-refundable. Custom laminate or solid wood desktops and multiple desk orders are not returnable; please order one desk first and test it if you're worried. We're sure you'll want to order more!
  5. We come highly recommended - We're not the only ones who think UPLIFT Desk is #1. LifeHacker featured the UPLIFT 900 as one of the top five standing desks, and UPLIFT Desk has also been recommended by the The LA Times. Our list of satisfied UPLIFT Desk users is growing every day!
  6. Expert help - We have a full staff of knowledgeable experts. We've all assembled an UPLIFT desk and use one every day, along with the various accessories we offer. We understand what works, and we can walk you through your purchase and answer all your questions to get you exactly what you need for your individual workstation.
  7. Compatible accessories selected by experts - Many of the accessories offered with our desks have been designed in-house and all are tested by our team. We use these accessories every day, and we feel good about recommending them to you. Most are offered at a discount when bundled with your desk purchase. If you need something a little different, like a triple monitor arm instead of a dual, just call us, and we can find you exactly what you're looking for and discount it as part of your desk purchase.
  8. Removable crossbars - The crossbar, which lies flush beneath the desktop, can be removed if you use our sturdy wood or laminate tops. Assembling the desk without the crossbar will allow you to mount a full keyboard tray track so your keyboard slides completely under the desk when not in use.
  9. Telescoping frame - Customize the width of the base to fit your desktop or leg space needs. Even better, if you decide to change the size of your desktop in the future, there is no need to buy a whole new frame; just widen it to fit, saving you hundreds of dollars.
  10. Sit AND stand, not just stand all day - Many cheaper or DIY alternatives are just "standing desks" that don't allow you to sit at all. The UPLIFT goes from sitting to standing in just a few seconds, letting you change positions with ease. Very few people can stand all day without fatigue, which means there is a good chance that a standing-only desk will go unused after a very short trial period. We recommend changing positions throughout the day as needed; the key is to avoid staying in the same position all day.
  11. Free shipping - We offer free standard delivery on every desk shipped to the US48, and our logistics team will carefully quality check and package your desk for maximum protection during shipment. If you need additional delivery or white glove services, we offer those too. Check out our shipping page for more information.
  12. 15 year, all-inclusive warranty - We don't just say our desks have the best features; we stand behind it. Our 15 year, all-inclusive warranty is the best in the business. Many of our competitors' warranties are "limited," but ours covers all parts of the desk base, including the motor, switches, actuators, keypad and frame.
  13. Hassle-free warranty support - Yet another facet to our industry-leading warranty: If you ever need warranty support, we make it quick and easy. Just let us know the problem, and we'll fix it right away. Need a part? We can usually ship it the same day. Parts are easy for you to swap out, so there is no need to wait for a tech to come do it for you. And we'll include free ground shipping to the US48.
  14. It's electric - In addition to the precise height adjustments available with the UPLIFT, you don't have to bother with manual counterbalancing each time you add or remove weight, like you would with a pneumatic desk. The UPLIFT gives you a smooth, easy adjustment every time.
  15. Memory keypad option - The optional advanced digital memory keypad features four programmable memory positions and a digital readout for precision adjustments. You can also stick with the standard keypad if you prefer, with a two-button up/down switch for quick and easy adjustment.
  16. Best value - We offer the lowest price you'll find on such a sturdy, high-quality height adjustable electric desk. We've streamlined the manufacturing process of the UPLIFT Desk and taken out the middlemen in the distribution process, so you get the very best value on the market!
  17. Short lead times - Check out our quick ship desks page for desk models that will ship out in just a couple of days, including our UPLIFT 900 Solid Wood Next Day Ship desks.
  18. Sturdy design and construction - Designed by our in-house engineers, the sturdy frame and reliable motors housed in each leg make UPLIFT the most stable desk you'll find. The desk base easily lifts up to 355 lbs, more than enough for your desktop, computer and accessories.
  19. Durability - The UPLIFT motor can stand the test of time. It has been tested for 20,000 cycles, which translates to many years of reliable use. We have desks here in the office that have been going strong for over ten years. The motors are spindle-in-spindle, which just means there is much less risk of looseness or slipping of parts like you'll find in a chain or belt motor.
  20. Dual motors - Many desks have only one shared motor that drives both legs. The UPLIFT features a motor in each leg, which makes it quieter, stronger and more reliable. It also makes for a sleeker design, because we eliminate the drivetrain bar that runs between the legs on other desks.
  21. Quality and safety - Our desks are BIFMA/ANSI X5.5-2008 Certified. Not quite sure what that means? It means they've been tested and proven to be high quality and safe.
  22. Extended height range - Three-stage legs on the frame allow for an extended height range to accommodate 99% of the population. Some desks have a two-stage leg, meaning they don’t go as low at their minimum height or as high at their maximum, making them less than ideal for the shortest and tallest people, or multiple users.
  23. Storage - Worried you won't have anywhere to keep all your stuff when you make the upgrade to a height-adjustable desk? Get a small pencil drawer for more storage. You won't miss your bulky old desk at all!
  24. Low energy output - The UPLIFT Desk uses very little electricity, especially when not raising or lowering (200 W, 0.2 W on standby). This desk is as green as they get.
  25. Customer service - We pride ourselves on being number one in customer service. Whereas some desk companies don't even list a phone number on their site, we're easy to reach during business hours via phone, chat, and email to help you with any part of the process. From going over what desk is right for you, to getting your desk shipped quickly, to assembly and beyond, we're here for YOU! You are #1 to us.

At Human Solution, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality products and world-class customer service. Now that we have our own line of height-adjustable desks, the UPLIFT series, we are excited to get the word out and let you know why, when you buy UPLIFT, you won't be let down!

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