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Treadmill Desks

Treadmill desks are becoming increasingly popular, and with good reason. The science is in: all-day sitting is extremely unhealthy, and walking at work will significantly decrease your risk of the ill health effects brought on by being sedentary at work all day. Our treadmills are specifically designed for low-speed, multi-hour walking, and we have accompanying height-adjustable desks to suit a range of budgets. You'll feel more focused and alert, you'll notice a considerable decrease in musculoskeletal pain, and you'll enjoy the many benefits of walking: a lowered risk of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and depression, and a weight loss of up to 66 pounds in one year. Give us a call today, and let our treadmill desks help you get on the road to better health and productivity.

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Treadmill desks help you stay active and energetic during the day. A consistent, easy walking pace is a practical fitness solution for anyone. Studies have shown that sustained use of a walking desk will increase blood flow and lead to better posture and alertness, among many other things.

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