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Standing Desks

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What Are the Benefits of a Standing Desk?

A standing desk, or stand up desk, helps you combat the health risks associated with sitting all day, including obesity, blood clots, and back, neck, and shoulder pain. Using a standing desk while you work will help you burn more calories, increase energy, promote healthy blood flow and respiration, and increase mental clarity and focus.

Stay Active and Healthy

While standing at your desk has been proven to help improve a person's health and increase productivity, the key to staying healthy at work is to keep active with a fully-adjustable ergonomic workstation. The most popular desks for standing we offer are adjustable height standing desks, also called sit-to-stand desks. These ergonomic desks allow you to go from a sitting to a standing position with ease. Research has shown that transitioning from sitting to standing throughout the work day is preferable to sitting or standing all day. Our solutions allow you to stand at your desk and sit as well -- it's the best of both worlds.

Find the Best Stand Up Desk for You

Human Solution's ergonomic experts recommend standing at your desk for at least 15 minutes every hour during a regular work day. Our stand up desks are designed to encourage you to stay active while you're stuck at your desk. Many of our adjustable height stand up desks are electric and can easily go from sitting to standing height with the push of a button. Others offer fingertip height adjustment with no need for an electric power source.

Standing desks, or adjustable height desks, help anyone combat the dangerous health issues associated with sitting all day. More and more people are switching to standing desks every day because of the productivity and health benefits that going from sitting to standing can provide.

Choose the perfect UPLIFT Desk for you, and watch it take shape before your eyes with one of our desk builders. See more photos and videos featuring our popular line of UPLIFT standing desks and workstation accessories below:

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